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SBWI Teamleague

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[e][h]SBWI Teamleague
League Information
Prize Pool:
$1,000 USD
Start Date:
End Date:
Liquipedia Tier:
Number of Teams:


On October 1st, 2013, the first season of the SBWI Teamleague was announced[1] and planned as replacement of the Gambit Cup. The event was organized and mostly funded by the Swedish Brood War Initiative. Any team was free to sign up, after paying an entrance fee of $50. Initially all signed up teams had to play a six best of ones and an additional ace match in case if the war wasn't decided already.

The four best teams would advance into the playoffs. The format of the playoffs was six best of ones and an additional ace match.

Tournament Information[edit]

Prize Pool[edit]

$1000 were spread among the top placing teams:

Place Prize (USD) Team
1st $600 LRM Evolution
2nd $300 LaGFree
3rd $100 int. Fed. of Unt.


The map pool featured a mix of older maps, the most played map Fighting Spirit and maps created by foreign map makers.

  • Play Days:
  • Playoffs:


Detailed standings[edit]

Updated for Week 14
# Team Matches Wins Losses Set Scores W.O. Win % Current Streak Best Streak Worst Streak
1  Sas 7 7 0 28-15 N/A 100% 7W 7W N/A
2  LaGFree 7 6 1 25-11 N/A 86% 3W 3W 1L
3  iFU 7 5 2 24-13 N/A 71% 4W 4W 2L
4  LRM 7 4 3 23-15 4 57% 1W 1W 2L
5  PsB 7 3 4 17-19 3 43% 2L 2W 2L
6  iwL 7 2 5 16-22 N/A 29% 3L 1W 3L
7  iM) 7 1 6 7-25 4 14% 1L 1W 4L
8  AoV 7 0 7 7-28 11 0% 7L N/A 7L
  • W.O. indicates the number of Walk Overs against a team
  • Last Update: January 28th, 2014



External Links[edit]

The Write-Ups were released on a weekly basis, followed a special theme and featured interviews after the first edition with players or organizers related to SBWI events and the league itself.

Coverage Overview
Week # Title Theme Interviews
1 A New Hope Star Wars N/A
2 Ministry of Silly Wars Monty Python Glio - L_Master - dRaW
3 Mostly Harmless Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Freakling - Wallace - vOddy
4 Where's Scan Diego Carmen Sandiego Snipealot - Birdie - Cryoc
5 Let's Hope We Don't See That Again Sesame Street XKCD - TechnicS - dsaqwe
6 Thanksgiving and Murica American Stereotypes MVP - vOddy
7 #Cut #For #STL memes NinaZerg - Epoxide
8 Conspiracy Christmas Special Conspiracy Theories skzlime
9 A Christmas Special Christmas Fazers - TerrOr
10 Need Writer, Apply Within New Year Resolutions GeckoXp
11 Knights who say △ Monty Python and the Holy Grail Arcneon