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SCV Rush

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[e][h]TerranSCV Rush
Strategy Information
TvZ, TvP
Popularized by:

Being rather similar to the Bunker Rush strategy, this build relies on the fact that SCVs have more hit points than any other worker. By charging very early on with all or almost all of your SCVs, usually coupled with a few marines, one can sometimes win against an opponent who has been neglecting early defenses in exchange for a fast economy. The SCVs both form an attacking force but also a wall that protects the few marines from being attacked by the opponent's forces.

The main difference between the bunker rush and the SCV rush is the lack of bunkers in the latter of the two.


The SCV Rush was popularized after the finals of the 2002-2003 KPGA Winners Championship where BoxeR, having lost the first two games to YellOw, pulled off the SCV Rush in the third match, on Sauron. BoxeR scouted YellOw early and noticed his fast hatchery and decided to attack with all but one of his SCVs and intitially two, later four, marines. Despite YellOw quickly throwing down two Creep Colonies, BoxeR managed to win the game.

Build strengths and weaknesses[edit]

The build is strong on maps where the distance between the two players is short and where the opponent isn't building heavy defenses. SCV rushes are weak on large maps or against builds where the opponent gets some early defense.

Notable Games[edit]


BoxeR's SCV rush making into SCLegacy's so-called "pimpest play" list of 2003