SK Team League: Season 1

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[e][h]SK Team League: Season 1
League Information
Matcherino, E-Blue Gaming, E-Sports Tickets, Dangerous to Play Alone,
Best of 5 Format
3 Sets of 1v1
1 Set of 2v2
1 ACE if necessary
Prize pool:
Start Date:
End Date:


Clan SK is proud to announce the launch of the SK Team League Season 1. This league is packed with Broodwars premier talent, and will showcase some of the best team match-ups.

Tournament Information[edit]

Prize Pool[edit]

The prize pool is currently accepting donations to make it bigger. Please contact [SK]619 for more information.

Notable Donations[edit]

  • Matcherino - $500 (in coupons)
  • [SK]619 - $500
  • Magician - $65

Total Prize Pool: $1500

Place Prize (USD) Team
1st $1000 USD N/A
2nd $350 USD N/A
3rd $150 USD N/A


ProLeague Style Best of 5 Format

  • 3 - 1v1 - Bo1
  • 1 - 2v2 - Bo1
  • 1 - ACE 1v1 as needed - Bo1

ProLeague Style Best of 7 Format for Semi-Finals and Finals

  • 5 - 1v1 - Bo1
  • 1 - 2v2 - Bo1
  • 1 - ACE 1v1 as needed - Bo1

Participating Teams[edit]

Participating Teams
ReD Eternal Friends Klan Dark Venom No Autism Squad
Strength in Knowledge Team A Strength in Knowledge Team B Ayac GamerS Team A Netwars
Ayac GamerS Team B BuLL Baka! SouL Gaming
Disturbed Minds pSi Storm iFu

Team Rosters[edit]

Team Roster is as follows:

Team: Strength in Knowledge (SK-A) Tag: [SK] Website: Manager: Skye, BlaCkSnoW Roster: Bonyth, TerrOr, Dewalt, Cute, Shadow, ArcneoN, Hawk, Skye

Team: Strength in Knowledge (SK-B) Tag: [SK] Website: Manager: Skye, BlaCkSnoW Roster: FanTaSy, Quantel, YueY, Talent, Thunder, Target, King, Drew, GeNiuS, Magician, Jaewon, Irish, YUSuckSoBad, Probal.

Team: SouL Gaming Tag: SouL) Website: Coming soon! Manager: Fujikura, Isadie Roster: SenSei, Song, Dream, UltrA, Dandy, babo, IvAniOX, Mario, Dragon, Hwangsin, Castro, Miso, Scan.

Team: ReD Tag: [ReD] Website: Coming soon! Manager: Eywa, LumiX Roster: Star, LuMiX, kawaiirice, non, Tarson, ranged, movie, Michael, sziky, crayon.(edited) Team: Baka! Tag: BAKA! Website: Coming soon! Manager: Roster: Soviet_Kingdom, Loser777, Bryan, Xavierthegreat, Sosin, Rittersport, Theyellowone

Team: Eternal Friends Tag: [eF] Website: Manager: mUsA Roster: Zety, Inca, mUsA, MafiuS, Vayper, Greetz, Fox, Assasin, Kiba, Arte, KinG, GorK, Dienmax

Team: iFu Tag: iFuA Website: Manager: eOnzErG zerggboy LancerX, Cryoc Roster: Marwin, Spx, Cryoc, Johnek, LancerX, zerzggboy, Kenzy, TrutaCz, eOnzErG, Pauline(edited) Team: Netwars Tag: NW. Website: Manager: Koget Roster: Koget, Yeti, Redeyes, Mazur, Pro_Draco, Predator, Sawyer, ZZZero, Cheetech

Team: pSi Storm Tag: pSi. Website: Manager: Grast, marine Roster: MukJa, Letalis, jim, Cold, vesk0, rAmEc, Har, Tragedy, Ramrod, RushHour

Team: Disturbed Minds Tag: dM- Website: Manager: White, Rusty, XenOsky, Tech Roster:XzOz, Dragon, Kid, agreps, cRuZaGo, AmbitiOn, Soo)MarinE, jr-jr-jr-jr, Jose, Vulture, AnyOne, White, Rusty, Tech, XenOsky, DDung2, spYder, Peacemaker, SauSaGue, MaguS, EnAnO, noel, CrayOn, SauSaGue, MaguS, EnAnO, noel, CrayOn

Team: Ayac GamerS Tag: [a.G] Website: Coming soon! Manager: Jat Roster: LeO, TeRRanBoy, WingZero, LaAbuela, Pooffer, Dyna, Detrinix Team: BuLL Tag: BuLL) Website: Coming soon! Manager: BuLL)RauL Roster: Opiate, dAiO, DarK, Raynor, Alartek, Wiliam, Thunder, Empute, erosscraft, ale, Puntos, AN_TON, SkydroLD4, Thimora, Torito_1

Team: Klan Dark Venom Tag: [KDV] Website: Coming soon! Manager: Yeti, ShOck, KLRY Roster: Yeti, Shock, KLRY, Czitek, Catspaw, Joang, peR, Redlom, SieKieross, Snow, Bm, l3tt, Spider, Strelok, DooM, Sky, Kingpin

Team: No Autism Squad Tag: [NaS] Website: Manager: DragOn Roster: DragOn, SuGo, Beast, Moxie, Zlifer, Battousai, EndingLife, SeriOsity, Lumire

Team: [a.G]-B Tag: [a.G] Website: Manager: Jat Roster: DetriniX, Loyito, Juanking, Harry, Cachorro, Canc3r, Kokitoss, Anathema, Player, Kr, Rgh, Neo(edited)


Week 1

Week 2

Week 3