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[e][h]STX SouL
Team Information
Jo Gyu Baek (조규백),
Park Jae Seok (박재석)
Kim Eun Dong (김은동)
Team Captain:
Player Breakdown
Number of Players:
July 2000
Recent Player Trades:
 Classic from eSTRO (10/2010)
 hyvaa from eSTRO (10/2010)

STX SouL is a Korean StarCraft professional team. Its current roster contains 19 players. SouL stands for "StarCraft of Unbelievable Legend". The team was known as SouL until STX's sponsorship in April 2004.


  • STX also has a Special Forces team in addition to their StarCraft team.
  • Notable players include the MSL champion Calm and only female progamer Tossgirl. Formerly on the team was the threefold OSL winner July, though he acquired two of his titles while still playing for MBC Game HERO.
  • The current captain of the team is  Shuttle, although previous captains have been  SoO,  July and  Hwasin.


STX Corporation is a large shipping company in South Korea.

Team Achievements[edit]

Player Roster[edit]

ID Team Name Race ELO ELO Peak
INnoVation SK Telecom T1 이신형 Lee Shin Hyung Terran 2150.19 pts 2205.41 pts
Calm STX SouL 김윤환 Kim Yoon Hwan Zerg 2136.37 pts 2287.28 pts
Classic SK Telecom T1 김도우 Kim Doh Woo Terran 2072.3 pts 2157.78 pts
hyvaa (Teamless or Personal Sponsorship) 신대근 Shin Dae Kun Zerg 2098.2 pts 2145.13 pts
Last 김성현 Kim Sung Hyun Terran 2065.57 pts 2113.99 pts
Mini 변현제 Byun Hyun Je Protoss 2096.27 pts 2130.81 pts
Modesty 김현우 Kim Hyun Woo Zerg 2091.27 pts 2135.97 pts
MinHo 이민호 Lee Min Ho Zerg 0- 0-
Shuttle 김윤중 Kim Yoon Joong Protoss 2099.42 pts 2201.05 pts
YoungJoo STX SouL 김영주 Kim Young Joo Terran 0- 0-
TaMoo 최성원 Choi Sung Won Protoss 0- 0-
Trap Jin Air Green Wings 조성호 Cho Sung Ho Protoss 2063.81 pts 2063.81 pts

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