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Samjoc Gaming

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[e][h]Team Noobs
Team Information
Player Breakdown
Number of Players:
Protoss 10
Terran 10
Zerg 1


The team Samjoc Gaming (SJ.) is one of the strongest and most successful active foreign teams. It is home to many of the strongest individual players and best 2on2 teams.


In July 2012 the Team Noobs joined Samjoc Gaming with its complete roster.[1]

Player Roster[edit]

  • Finland  Napoleon
  • Germany  dOTY
  • South Korea  apple
  • Lithuania  Lure
  • Poland  SouthPark
  • South Korea  gOgO
  • Germany  Favorite
  • Poland  GameZZZ
  • United States  fliP
  • Germany KingKong
  • Estonia  v1
  • Canada  koriass-_-
  • Norway  WhistlerR
  • France  Aspen
  • Poland  ZZZero
  • Romania  Gecko
  • Peru  Terror
  • Finland  Ne0n
  • Germany  damn
  • Poland Ragnar-.-
  • Romania  happybat
  • Romania  Flaf
  • Poland  Mazur
  • Czech Republic  Artunit
  • Russia  Ramms
  • Canada  Zealot
  • China  The_WK


In the first half year after StarCraft II's release many of Team Noobs and Los Reyes Del Mambos members and organisators got into heavy arguments with each other. The accusations ranged from rigging line ups, abuse of power to Bad Manners. The fights ended in derbies between the teams. A year after the play offs for ICCup Clan League 16 the ex-Super Admin JoeKim confessed that he indeed rigged the line-ups in favour of the rival multiple times.[2]


  • Even though Team Noobs and sas were direct rivals for the title of BWCL Season 36 both did a joined venture for Gambit Cup Season 1
  • The team was founded by Hunters players

Team Achievements[edit]


Gambit Cup[edit]


  • Season 18
  • Season 16