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Samsung KHAN

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[e][h]Samsung KHAN
Team Information
Yoo Ji Gang (유지강)
DoGGi (Choi Soo Bum / 최수범)
Xian (Oh Sang Taek / 오상택)
Kim Ga Eul (김가을)
Team Captain:
Player Breakdown
Number of Players:
June 2000
Recent Player Trades:
 Grape from eSTRO (10/2010)
 Sharp to military services (10/2012)

Samsung KHAN is a StarCraft professional team from South Korea. Its current roster contains 10 players.


Samsung KHAN is a professional team with a strong history in Teamplay and has brought forth strong Protoss players such as Stork and JangBi.


Samsung is the world's largest conglomerate, and is most famous for its electronics manufacturing.


The KHAN team contains notables such as Stork, who performed extremely well in the individual leagues but could only grasp one gold at the 08 Incruit OSL; and JangBi, who is a Protoss player who performed well in the 2008 seasons of MSL and GOM leagues, famous for his PvT and Psi Storm usage. Samsung has a tradition of strong 2on2 teams, which was essential in their 2008 Proleague win.

Shinhan 2008-09 Proleague[edit]

Regular Season[edit]

Samsung mostly used their "big four" in r4/5 of the 08/09 PL.

KHAN started out the season in superb form but that has slowly degraded through the rounds. In the first two rounds, they tied Hwaseung's excellent score of 15-7. In Winner's League they placed bottom five, and since then have been struggling, to the extent that key players have not been put in the last weeks' game lineups, almost forfeiting their playoff spot to the KTF MagicNs. In total, a 10-12 during r4 and r5 was enough to finish 6th, allowing them to compete in the playoffs. This was partly due to great emerging as a new key player for the team.

Playoffs R1 vs. STX Soul[edit]

With STX SouL coming off a 10-1 streak in r5, Samsung was clearly the underdog in this match that was played on two days with two separate Bo7 games. If the teams were tied 1-1, a single "super-ace" match was to decide. On day 1, Samsung narrowly won 4-3, with great winning the Ace match against Calm. Day 2 saw STX winning 4-1, so a super-ace match had to decide. In the super-ace, JangBi managed to surprise Calm and sent Samsung into the next round of the playoffs.

Playoffs R2 vs. CJ Entus[edit]

Also against CJ Entus, Samsung was thought to be at a disadvantage. However, with favorable matchups, they managed to win day 1 with 4-2, claiming an early lead. On day 2, they achieved a 3-1 lead, but were unable to capitalize on this - in two ace matches, one regular, one super-ace, EffOrt proved to be stronger than great and Stork respectively. Samsung thus finished the Proleague Season as 4th.

Team Achievements[edit]

Player Roster[edit]

ID Team Name Race ELO ELO Peak
Bunny[Name] CJ Entus 이재선 Lee Jae Sun Terran 0- 0-
By.hOpe 장지수 Jang Ji Soo Zerg 0- 0-
huro 윤수철 Yoon Soo Chul Protoss 0- 0-
JaeyOon 심재윤 Shim Jae Yoon Protoss 0- 0-
JangBi 허영무 Heo Yeong Moo Protoss 2239.49 pts 2305.82 pts
JuNi 유준희 Yoo Jun Hee Zerg 1976.14 pts 2131.71 pts
Kop 지동원 Ji Dong Won Terran 0- 0-
oDin 주영달 Ju Yung Dal Zerg 1988.3 pts 2124.55 pts
Reality Samsung Galaxy KHAN 김기현 Kim Ki Hyun Terran 2105.21 pts 2115.36 pts
RorO 신노열 Shin No Yeol Zerg 2100.09 pts 2213.31 pts
Sharp BBARAS 조기석 Jo Ki Seok Terran 1966.85 pts 0-
Shine 이영한 Lee Young Han Zerg 2194.32 pts 2238.6 pts
Stork Samsung Galaxy KHAN 송병구 Song Byung Goo Protoss 2194.94 pts 2321.42 pts
TurN (Teamless or Personal Sponsorship) 박대호 Park Dae Ho Terran 2075.3 pts 2143.65 pts

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