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[e][h]Protoss Sanpao
Player Information
Romanized Name:
Liu Yun
Alternate IDs:
scdl, [SVS]SCDL, 3pao
三炮(SanPao), Plu三炮, 炮哥(Brother Pao), 炮爷
Approx. Total Winnings:
Approx. Winnings 2024:

Sanpao (Plu三炮) is a StarCraft caster, player and tournament host who lives in Beijing, China. He is a co-founder of the Sanpao StarLeague, and the best Chinese StarCraft commentator since xdlove大师 retired in 2019.

Sanpao was a PLU forum commenter and Team Melee player at first. He was passionate about starcraft and joined PLU in 2007 as a commentator for Starcraft competitions With"Friend"、"xdlove大师" and "ALONE二龙".

With his professional, humorous, and open style, he commentated on a number of Starcraft events and gained many fans.

After PLU's decline, he had a period of silence, and then tried to become a game streamer.

Since the success of the Neo China Team Starleague(中国星际战队挑战赛NCTSL) in early 2018, Sanpao, CoachZhu and 911, began to organize their own competitions-Sanpao StarLeague, and become the most successful starcraft competition organizing team in China.

Notable Events as Talent[edit]