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Sanpao StarLeague

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[e][h]Sanpao StarLeague
Series Information
All Chinese Starcraft players, fans and supporters
China China
Group Stages
Single-elimination Playoffs
Cumulative Prize Pool:
≃ $761,424 USD
Major: ≃ $345,433 USD
Premier: ≃ $349,584 USD
Minor: ≃ $66,407 USD


The Sanpao StarLeague (中国星际联赛) is a tournament series organized by Sanpao and CoachZhu to support StarCraft and StarCraft:Remastered community in China.It is now China's main StarCraft event channel and continues the development of Chinese StarCraft Tournaments since the PLU.
Sanpao StarLeague's style is pure and pragmatic, often broadcasting a variety of starCraft events from 7:30 p.m. to midnight, six days a week. After 2023, it will be broadcast seven days a week.
It is known for its frequent organizing, extensive sponsorship and lively commentary.It will frequently invite various well-known Chinese players as guest commentator and the StarCraft Girls is always invited in the live.
It will invite South Korea players to participate in some of its tournaments every year.

Contact details[edit]



Sanpao StarCraft Girls (炮女郎)[edit]

Sanpao StarCraft Girls (炮女郎)
Name Chinese Name Start Date End Date experience
Seventh Cococn CoCo 2020/9/7 2023/7/31
Sixth Peggy 佩吉 2020/5/27 2020/8/26
Fifth JiaNan 佳楠 2019/11/11 2020/4/26 Former SCNTV hostess
Fourth Emma 艾玛 2019/8/16 2019/10/22 Former PLU streamer
Third JingSan 井三 2019/6/6 2019/6/28
Second TongTong/MiLa 彤彤/米拉 2018 2018
First Moon 月神 2018 2018

Channel Timeline[edit]

Early experience[edit]

PLU StarLeague * PLU时期[edit]

In the begining, “PLU"(Player's Labor Union -Initial name:China Player Union) was founded in 2003 by clan SVS manager "Friend" and "AlONE". On November 7, 2005, PLU held the world's first P2P live competition -PLU 4. Later, with the addition of "xdlove大师" and more tournaments, it became a big success in StarCraft, China.
At that time, Sanpao is a PLU forum commenter. He joined PLU in 2007 as a commentator for StarCraft competitions With"Friend"、"xdlove大师" and "ALONE二龙". Some of the events are:

PLUPLU 52006-05-08 - 2006-08-27$2,635.938China China
China Terran SuperChina Zerg F914 - 3
PLUPLU2014 Starcraft Sino-Korean Carnival2014-08-17$113,921.788China China
South Korea Protoss BisuSouth Korea Zerg ZerO3 - 0

Biaoge StarLeague * 彪哥赞助时期[edit]

After PLU's decline, "Biaoge彪哥" sponsored almost 10 million RMB(~1.5 million USD) in StarCraft tournaments from 2013 to 2018. Sanpao was active as a organizer and commentator for Biaoge StarLeague and SCNTV(Only 2013). Some of the events are:

2013 StarCraft Asian Open2013-09-22 - 2013-12-01$93,370.6219China China
South Korea Protoss MovieSouth Korea Zerg beast4 - 1
2018 Hangzhou StarCraft Carnival2018-04-29 - 2018-05-01$111,3368China Hangzhou
South Korea Terran ShineeSouth Korea Zerg sAviOr3 - 0

Unfortunately "Biaoge彪哥" was arrested on suspicion of criminal activity in 2019. "xdlove大师", the commentator who had the most influence on Chinese StarCraft, also retired.

Now * 现在时期[edit]

With the advancement and cooperation of Sanpao, CoachZhu and sk911, they began to organize their own competitions-Sanpao StarLeague since 2018.
With the support of StarCraft players, viewers, and patrons, Sanpao StarLeague have become the most influential competition organizers of StarCraft in China now.

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