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Sas Invitational Tournaments

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General Information[edit]

The sas Invitational Tournament series was sponsored by sas.ZaRaki. The opening event in the series was hosted in April 2012[1] and featured eight players of the Hungarian team sas. The series continued with monthly invitational tours, usually featuring 32 players.


Tour # Date 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place Prize Pool Article
1 2012-04-22 Canada  DraW Spain  ZaRaki - $50 Article
2 2012-05-06 South Korea  Scan United States  Semih - $100 Article


  • Sponsor: sas.ZaRaki
  • Organizers: sas.Draw, NinaZerg
  • Referees: sas.ZaRaki, sas.Pez, sas.Ghost, sas.Zimp