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Sauron (strategy)

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Sauron play requires a player to sacrifice tech and army early in the game in favor of powering Drones and new expansions. A player using Sauron will also typically start upgrading all three Zerg ground upgrades before beginning to build units. The goal is to build Drones until the last minute then switch to building an army in time to stop an opponent's first attack before switching back to powering. Once the Zerg's economy has reached saturation a Sauron player will then switch exclusively to combat units and flood their opponent with wave after wave of attacks until their defenses are overwhelmed.

Players using a Sauron strategy will typically amass large numbers of Hydralisks and Zerglings for their ease of use and price. Late game will also involve Ultralisks and Guardians.

While mainly used against Protoss, the style to an extent can also be used against Terran if Lurkers are used until Hive tech is reached.

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