Scourge Cloning

[e][h]Scourge Cloning
Technique Information


During a battle, if your Scourge are left on attack move, they will likely all attack the same target. Learning how to make your flock of Scourge hit different targets is an essential skill for a Zerg player.

This technique is applicable in all matchups:

  • vs Terran - Killing Science Vessels.
  • vs Protoss - Killing Corsairs.
  • vs Zerg - Killing Mutalisks.

Note that only two Scourge are required to kill each of these units.

HotKey Method[edit]

The most obvious way to hotkey your Scourge is to assign each hotkey a pair of Scourge. While this method will work, it would just take too long to get the hotkeys set up.

The conventional method involves hotkeying the scourges in sequential order. The example used will be 8 Scourge vs. 4 Science Vessels.

Setting up[edit]

Step 1: First, assign all Scourge to Hotkey 1.

Step 2: Using shift + left click, deselect two Scourge.

Step 3: Now assign these 6 Scourge to Hotkey 2.

Step 4: Repeat step 2.

Step 5: Now assign these 4 Scourge to Hotkey 3.

Step 6: Repeat step 2.

Step 7: Now assign these 2 Scourge to Hotkey 4.


Once your hotkeys are set up, attacking is very simple. You must attack in this hotkey order.

Step 1: Attack target 1 with Hotkey 1.

Step 2: Attack target 2 with Hotkey 2.

Step 3: Attack target 3 with Hotkey 3.

Step 4: Attack target 4 with Hotkey 4.

Quick Method[edit]

This method uses the same principle of the above method but it doesn't involve hotkeys so there is no setting up time.

The method is the same but instead of hotkeying when you have deselected a pair of scourges you attack a different target each time.

Step 1: Send all 8 Scourge at target 1.

Step 2: Using shift + left click, deselect two scourges.

Step 3: Send all 6 Scourge at target 2.

Step 4: Repeat step 2.

Step 5: Send all 4 Scourge at target 3.

Step 6: Repeat step 2.

Step 7: Send the remaining 2 Scourge at target 4.

Using this method requires much faster execution. You must deselect and attack the next target before all the scourges hit the same target. If needed, you can move them back to where they were and repeat. Another option is to place your Scourge far from the Vessels, thus giving you time to control them perfectly.