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[e][h]Protoss Selector
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Alternate IDs:
Selector, PlayJin, SeLy
iX, SoL, ToT), ash

"Selector" is a former German Protoss player. His most known achievements were his third place at WCG Germany 2005 and WCG Germany 2006. Even though the German won other online tournaments or placed in the higher ranks those will not be mentioned as achievements.

The Scandals[edit]

Selector showed his skill in a couple of offline tournaments and was arguably one of the better German players for a long time. Nevertheless he was caught hacking in almost every year of his career[1][2][3][4]. Even with enough proof delivered every time he was defended by clan mates, allies and random community members. On top of it all Selector used a ton of smurfs to dodge his punishments, especially in BWCL.

In 2006 Mondragon[5] announced to retire from German National Team since he could not understand why Selector was not allowed to enter again. The German National Team was traditionally organized at's organization understood this as act of blackmailing and announced to not review Selector's case; not only for his hacker career but also for his lack of remorse after each time he was caught.

A huge fight over this decision developed and split the community in two parts: the ones that defended the hacker and the ones that approved of's attitude and decisionmaking. The complete Germany A Team moved away from and organized itself on another page. Only a few months later Selector was caught hacking again. Selector was removed from the Team Germany for good and left Templars of Twilight[6] when he was confronted with the news in late 2007. He was caught hacking in 2008 again.


  • In 2003 rumors spread in the German community about Selector using map hacks. To regain his reputation the Protoss successfully qualified for WCG Germany 2004 via an offline tournament at CeBIT in Hannover.
  • After placing third and thus winning a spot for WCG 2005's newseditor Lonic wrote "Caught hacking 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005" in Selector's player profile. A big flame war over WCG Germany's organization started shortly after.
  • In WCG 2006 Selector lost all his games. Despite usually cheering for their players even when performing poorly, the German community mostly ridiculed the hacker.
  • Nomen est omen. Ironically, Selector once got caught hacking by discovering him doing selections he couldn't do - a fool proof method to spot map hack


2009-05-252ndMinorWGTour Clan League Cup 181 : 3-
2006-09-173rdMajorWCG Germany 2006WCG Germany 20060 : 2-
2005-09-113rdMajorWCG Germany 2005WCG Germany 20050 : 2-
2005-01-224thMinor2004 ToT Tournament-
2004-10-312ndShowm. (Min.)2004 German Racewar
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