Seven Sins

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[e][h]Seven Sins
Map Information
Jungle World
Spawn Positions:
7 at 1,3,5,5,7,10,11


Seven Sins is a seven player free for all map created by Testbug. It is notable in that it is one of the few seven player maps in existence, and is completely asymmetrical. Each position has its own strengths and weaknesses, every position is viable, though depending on where the players spawn, players located further from other players may have an advantage.

"Seven Sins is a 128x128 seven player map intended for FFA or team play. It is not intended for 1 vs 1 games as it has the potential for positional imbalances although it is still fun to play then as a challenge. Each position is quite different with unique advantages and vulnerabilities to exploit: high ground mains, low ground mains, in-base nats, nats with two chokes, mains with 2 chokes, island expos, expos with 2 chokes, expos with entrances blocked by neutrals, you name it, and all made with Testbug's characteristic artistic flair."


Notable Features[edit]

  • The 1 O clock position - Can be walled using one barracks. It is initially the most easily defendable position, but the natural is vulnurable from two sides, and is difficult to hold.
  • The 3 O clock position - Generally considered to be the worst position. Despite having an expansion to take right away, it is very vulnurable to attacks from the immediate high ground. This is especially problematic if there is a player at the 1 O clock position.
  • The first 5 O clock position (on the right side) - Has the easiest time holding his natural, but it can be dropped from behind a neutral Xel'Naga Temple. Expanding further can be difficult and is likely to always be in conflict with the first 6 o clock position.
  • The second 5 O clock position (on the left side) - Can easily defend on two bases, but has very little room to move outside. The natural can be nuked by a ghost behind the cliff at a small dropspot.
  • The 6 O clock position - Has a wide-open natural expansion that can also be dropped, but with a sufficiently sized force, can hold four bases quite comfortably. Tends to have trouble against overaggressive players.
  • The 10 O clock position - Has no particular weakness or strength. The natural expansion can be dropped.
  • The 11 O clock position - Split main choke, with one as a ramp leading down to the natural expansion, and another as a high ground path to behind the natural and to a mineral only, which is also easily accessible to the 1 O clock player.
  • The two islands - One standard island blocked by a mineral patch with limited space to build, and one non-standard island expansion at the bottem left that can be accessed by destroying one of the two Xel'Naga Temples.

Notable Games[edit]

  • Warboards FFA - An entertaining game ending with one player dominating the rest.
  • The FFA - A back and forth game involving four players for most of the time. Diplomacy played a key part in the winner's success. Long, but thoroughly enjoyable.