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[e][h]Zerg Shark
Player Information
Romanized Name:
Seo Gyung Jon
March, 1987 (age 35)
Alternate IDs:
Shark[gm], Monkiz[gm], StarBell, Shark[GsP], shakoya_NT
Approx. Total Winnings:
????-??-?? — 2006-04-??
2006-04-?? — ????-??-??

Seo "Shark" Gyung Jon is a retired StarCraft progamer from South Korea who played Zerg for MBCGame HERO.


Shark was born in Hwagok-dong, in the Gangseo-gu ward of Seoul, South Korea on July 3, 1987. Before Shark was a progamer, he was in the clan GnH under the name shakoya[GnH] where he learned a lot from Daezang. Shark became a progamer when the team Pirates of Space drafted him in 2002. At the time, Shark attracted attention as the youngest progamer. On the September 2, 2003, Shark played his first televised game in the LifeZone KPGA Team League, losing to Control on Dark Sauron. However, Shark achieved the first win of his career the day after, defeating Junwi in the same league. The following few years, Shark played in mostly Newcomers leagues and other preliminary events, as well as in a few Proleague matches as well. His only accomplishment was placing 3rd in the 2004 KBC Newcomer’s league, defeating players such as Casy (albeit on Paradoxxx 2) and Much. Only in 2006 did Shark begin to gain distinction in the progaming scene.

Shark started the 2006 season strongly. In the 2006 SKY Proleague Round 1 Shark won games for his team, now called MBCGame Hero, over big names such as Goodfriend of KTF (ending the match 4-0) and XellOs of CJ (leading to a 4-2 victory). Shark’s wins got MBC to the finals, but they ultimately lost to SKT T1 with a score of 1-4. Additionally, Shark made his way through the ODT Preliminaries of that year, but was knocked out of the I-Station ODT by NaDa, after claiming a victory over the Protoss legend Nal_rA.[1] At the same time, Shark also qualified for the Pringles-2 MSL, but was quickly knocked out by XellOs and Kingdom.[2] It was around this time that Shark developed the technique of modern mutalisk control (in which one groups mutalisks with a far away unit, causing the mutalisks to clump), for which he became famous.

During Shark’s sniping efforts for MBCGame in early 2006 he played some of the most memorable games of his career. However, Shark soon fell into relative obscurity, as stronger players such as Bisu, Light, and Sea replaced him in Proleague. In 2007, Shark’s gained entry into the Daum OSL, where he was quickly stopped by two of the strongest players of the time, Reach and Iris. His last individual accomplishments were qualifying for the round of 32 in the Arena MSL and the round of 36 in the Incruit OSL.

Recently, Shark has appeared on the show Hyungjoon becomes a Progamer, playing the part of Kim Hyungjoon’s friend and StarCraft coach, regaining some renown. However, as of June 2010, Shark was removed from the MBCGame Proleague roster. Despite a relatively unsuccessful career, Shark continues to be remembered as the inventor of modern mutalisk control.

Shark is currently a commentator for the MBCGame Game channel.[3]

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  • Shark is credited for discovering mutalisk stacking, which was later popularized and used nearly perfectly by July.
  • Shark appears in the Korean reality TV show "Hyung Joon Becomes a Progamer!" where he befriends and coaches K-Pop singer Kim Hyung Joon from SS501.
  • Shark uses a Logitech Mini-Optical mouse and a Samsung White keyboard.
  • Shark was the captain of MBCGame Hero before its dissolution in July 2011.
  • CEO of Kongdoo


In A0Premier Tournaments
2008-05-0317th - 24thA0Premier2008 Arena MSLMBCGame HEROMBCGame HERO1–2Grp S.$805
2003-10-115th - 8thA0Premier2003 LifeZone KPGA Team LeaguePirates of SpacePirates of Space3 : 4Hanbit StarsHanbit Stars$435.86
Complete list of results in any tournament
Place Year Event/League
3rd 2004 KBC Power Game Show Newcomers' League


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