This player has been banned from professional StarCraft competition.
For more information, see Match Fixing Scandal
[e][h]Zerg ShinHwA
Player Information
Romanized Name:
Choi Ka Ram
January 10, 1985 (1985-01-10) (age 34)
ArnC, Name
Alternate IDs:
ShinHwA[Name], ShinHwA[ArnC]
2005-03-24 - 2006-03-23
2006-03-23 - 2009-01-31
2009-01-31 - 2010-06-09

Choi "ShinHwA" Ka Ram is a former StarCraft progamer from South Korea who played Zerg for Hwaseung OZ.


[1]Choi Ka Ram started out his Progaming career as an amateur, just like every body else. But, in the year of 2003 he would begin his career. Lacking the backing of a team, and still essentially an amateur he participated in both the OSL prelims (for entry into challenge league) in July and December, and MSL Prelims in November. And again, through 2004 he participated in various challenge leagues. Winning the occasional game, and set- but never qualifying for the Dual Tournament or Survivor (he did however, make the challenge league). However, he remained unsigned all of 2004- but was picked up in 2005 by Plus.

In 2005 he made it into the Dual Tournament (after Dual and Challenge leagues were merged) however he lost. From here he began to make appearances for his team in Proleague. Despite having an abysmal T.V record, he never gave up determination and in 2006 he rose through the ranks rapidly. Following on from team mate Oh Yeong Jong's (Anytime) success in So1 OSL, Ka Ram looked to follow in his footsteps and aid in bearing the team through proleague with Yeong Jong. With such moves as fake-tech in zvp (he had 9 larvae and as soon as spire was built he spawned 9... fully upgraded hydralisks- promptly destroying the protoss) he was hyped up to be one of the greatest newcomers around.

After Shinhan 2005 OSL, the tournament was expanded to 24 players. Some fans complained that this was just to ensure that Lim Yo Hwan (Boxer) qualified for the OSL. In Group A of the 2 extra groups, Ka Ram went 2-0 and convincingly made it into Shinhan 1 OSL. After landing himself in a tough group (Lim Yo Hwan/Boxer, Park Ji Ho/Pusan, Byun Eun Jong/JJu) he went 1-2. Thanks to the newly invented wildcard round- Ka Ram was given a second chance at the Ro16. Defeating fan favourite, and newly revived Kim Sung Jae (Intotherainbow) 2-0 scored him a place in the Ro16. His opponent for this round would be none other than Lim Yo Hwan - who had defeated him in about 5 minutes in their group games.

The fans were dead wrong. Ka Ram defeated Yo Hwan 2-1 in the upset of the OSL. Fans around the world went crazy with disappointment, and often hatred for Ka Ram.

However, for Ka Ram this would prove to be the highlight of his career to date. After defeating Yo Hwan, he lost to Hong Jin Ho (Yellow) 1-2 and proceeded to drop out of OSL- not even securing 5th or 6th seed (losing 0-2). Ka Ram was denied entry into all OSL/MSL's following Shinhan 1 and played in very little 1v1 Proleague games; being replaced by the trendier Lee Jae Dong (Jaedong) for the position of number 1 zerg for Lecaf.

In addition to this, it would be Yo Hwan's last OSL before entering the army.