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For the retired Terran Player with the same name, see  Shine[Name].

[e][h]Zerg Shine
Player Information
Romanized Name:
Lee Young Han
August 24, 1991 (1991-08-24) (age 28)
Alternate IDs:
Shine[kaL], Shine[KQL]
Typhoon Zerg, Bag of Builds Zerg
Total Earnings:
????-??-?? — 2011-11-04
2011-11-04 — 2015-12-28

Lee "Shine" Young Han is a StarCraft progamer from South Korea who played Zerg for Samsung KHAN.

In December 2015, he became a broadcast observer for the Global StarCraft League.[1]


Shine began to make a name for himself in the 09-10 Proleague season, the 2009 NATE MSL and the 2009 EVER OSL. Shine finished round 1 of the proleague with 5 wins and 3 losses, making him a key part of Wemade's strong 4th place finish in the opening 10 games. He qualified for the round of 32 of the MSL but was knocked out of his group with 1 win and 2 losses, both of which were to Hwasin. In his round of 36 OSL group, he defeated Really 2-1 and surprised many by defeating top player Bisu 2 games to 1. For the round of 16, Shine found himself in that season's Group of Death alongside top players; Fantasy, EffOrt and Calm. Shine finished his group 2-1, with victories over EffOrt and Fantasy. He qualified straight into the Round of 8 alongside Calm, when fantasy lost to EffOrt on day 6, failing to force a tie-break. He played Stork in best of 3 in the round of 8. He started the series by overwhelming Stork on El Niño with Mass Mutalisks to give him a helpful 1 game lead going into the second day. A long and intense game two on Fighting Spirit saw Stork breaking a strong contain and taking the map with very effective Templar and Reaver play and bringing the series to 1-1. Playing the final game on New Heartbreak Ridge Shine attempted to attack Stork with a ling run-by after mining out the minerals at the back of his base, however it was defended. Shine then attack Stork with Mutalisks doing immense economical damage and slowing stork considerably. Shine finished the match with a swift Hydra break at Stork's cannon line, quickly taking the final game to set up a Semi-Final Best of 5 against Movie. Shine has played Movie twice in two separate games and is 2-0 against the Protoss. He was however defeated 1-3 in what has been described as a one sided series.


Shine surprised by beating and eliminating Bisu 2-1 in 2009 EVER OSL Ro36.

Entering the group stage of that OSL, he was placed in group C. On the first playday, he was able to overbear EffOrt in a game through an aggressive ZvZ.

In the 2010 Bacchus OSL, he shocked everyone by eliminating Bisu again in the Ro36 (2-0), making a comeback from difficult situation in the first game on Pathfinder, and rushing him with 3 Hatch Hydra on Gladiator. In the ceremony of group selection for Ro32 PDPop MSL 2010, he intentionally put Bisu into his group, a move that Bisu didn't undo later (while he had this opportunity). Probably it was that move which got him a "Provocator Award" at the end of this ceremony.

He has now a record of 14-match winning streak (broken in the Bacchus OSL 2010 ro8 game 2 by Mind), which is a 2nd or 3rd result among the StarCraft professional players of all times. He also holds the biggest ZvZ winning streak in progaming, consisting of 12 matches.



In Premier Tournaments
Date Place Event Team Result Winnings
2017-06-04 A22nd ASL Season 3 0 : 3 South Korea  Flash $4,451
2012-08-04 A55 - 8th 2012 Tving OSL 1 : 3 South Korea  Flash $2,646
2011-07-29 A59 - 16th 2011 Jin Air OSL $1,803
2010-12-26 A59 - 16th 2010 Bacchus OSL $1,795
2010-01-08 A33 - 4th 2009 EVER OSL 1 : 3 South Korea  Movie $6,233
In Major Tournaments
Date Place Event Team Result Winnings
2020-01-29 A22nd CasterMuse StarLeague Season 2 1 : 4 South Korea  ZerO $848
2019-07-25 A11st CasterMuse Narak StarLeague 4 : 1 South Korea  Sorry $1,694
2018-11-11 A22nd Brood War 20th Anniversary LAN 2 : 3 South Korea  Miso $1,449

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vs EffOrt, EVER OSL Ro16