Shinhan Bank Proleague/2008-2009

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[e][h]2008-09 Shinhan Bank Proleague
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Shinhan Bank
South Korea South Korea
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The Shinhan Bank Proleague 08–09 is a team league where 12 teams compete in 5 Rounds in the round-robin format. At the end of regular season, the top six teams will compete in a play-off round to determine the winner of the team league.


Prize Pool[edit]

Map Pool[edit]

Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Round 5
Andromeda Andromeda Andromeda God's Garden God's Garden
Chupung-Ryeong Sin Chupung-Ryeong Sin Chupung-Ryeong Heartbreak Ridge Heartbreak Ridge
Colosseum II Colosseum II Colosseum II Shades of Twilight Shades of Twilight
Destination Destination Destination Destination Destination
Harmony Neo Harmony Neo Harmony Outsider Outsider
Medusa Medusa Medusa Neo Medusa Neo Medusa
Neo Requiem Neo Requiem Tau Cross Battle Royal
Raid Assault 2 Rush Hour 3 Rush Hour 3



Round 1, 2, 4 and 5[edit]

Rounds 1, 2, 4 and 5, each team submits their lineup for sets 1 to 4 prior to their match. Match-ups for a set are revealed minutes before the set is played. If the game reaches the 5th set, a player is chosen to represent the team in the Ace Game. This player can be anyone, including those that have already played. The best player of the team would usually be sent out to win the match for the team.

Round 3[edit]

Round 3 is played in the Winners League format, also known as the All-Kill Format. Each team submits their first player for set 1 prior to their match. Unlike the previous format, when a player wins their set, they continue to play on the next set until they are either knocked out or the team achieves 4 wins.

Winners League Play-Off[edit]

After the end of Round 3, a Winners League Playoff will be held for the four highest scoring teams in Rounds 3 and 4. The play off consists of 3 matches. The 3rd and 4th placed teams will first play each other. The winner of the match will continue to play against the 2nd placed team. Finally, the winner of the match will play the 1st placed team to determine the Winners League champion.


The Post-Season Play-Off is held after all 5 Rounds have been played. The top 6 placing teams in the league will enter the play-off brackets where seeding is determined based on their position in the league.



  Round 1 Round 2 Semifinals Finals
 STX 1
 SKT 2
 KHAN 2  Hwaseung 2
 KHAN 1  Hwaseung 0
 CJ 1
 CJ 2
 Sparkyz 1
 CJ 2


The games are hosted live on MBCGame and OnGameNet. Each week from Saturday to Wednesday, ten games are usually played (two each day).

On Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday, matches begin at 13:00 KST. On Monday and Tuesday, matches begin at 18:00 KST.


  • The Lecaf OZ team changed their name to Hwaseung OZ at the end of Round 2.
  • The OnGameNet SPARKYZ team changed their name to hite SPARKYZ midway through Round 4.


Opening video[edit]

2008-2009 Shinhan Bank Proleague

2008-2009 Shinhan Bank Proleague Round 1

2008-2009 Shinhan Bank Proleague Winners League



  • Anberlin - Adelaide
  • Anberlin - Godspeed
  • Serenity - To Stone She Turned
  • Story of the year -The Antidote
  • Sum41 - Open Your Eyes
  • I Am Ghost - Buried Way Too Shallow

Winners League[edit]

  • Nuclear Blast All-stars - My Name Is Fate
  • Nuclear Blast All-stars - Dysfunctional Hours
  • Secret and Whisper - Attacker
  • Secret and Whisper - You Are Familiar
  • Galneryus - Owari Naki, Konoshi
  • Galneryus - Wind of Change
  • Papa Roach - Change or Die


  • Shinhan Bank Proleague 08-09 MVP: Bisu and Jaedong
  • Shinhan Bank Proleague 08-09 Best Coach: Park Yong Woon (박용운) (SK Telecom T1)
  • Shinhan Bank Proleague 08-09 Rookie: sKyHigh