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Shinhan Tank Proleague

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The Shinhan Tank Proleague or STPL is an international Team League organized by Qikz. The first season began in 2018.


Shinhan Tank Proleague
Date League
2018/03/26 - 2019/06/30 STPL Season 1 SouL GamingSouL Gaming SouL Gaming WHITEWHITE WHITE inte Riktigt klokainte Riktigt kloka inte Riktigt kloka
2019/09/22 - 2020/03/23 Liquipedia STPL Season 2 SouL GamingSouL Gaming SouL Gaming WHITEWHITE WHITE Valhalla TeamValhalla Team Valhalla Team
2020/04/25 - 2020/08/16 STPL Season 3 SouL GamingSouL Gaming SouL Gaming inte Riktigt klokainte Riktigt kloka inte Riktigt kloka NetWarsNetWars NetWars
2020/11/22 - 2021/03/21 STPL Season 4 SouL GamingSouL Gaming SouL Gaming WicoWico Wico North American SquadNorth American Squad North American Squad
2021/09/13 - 2021/12/19 STPL Season 5


Fastest Wins[edit]

All: 2018-12-15 Belgium Zerg eOnzErG vs South Korea Protoss huro on Hitchhiker - 02:40
TerranvZerg: 2019-04-21 United States Zerg Ty2 vs Peru Terran TerrOr on Holy World SE - 03:10
ProtossvTerran: 2019-02-24 Russia Protoss Dewalt vs South Korea Terran GyRo - 03:12
TerranvTerran: 2019-02-10 Terran Winawer vs Peru Terran Dandy on New Bloody Ridge - 03:12
ProtossvProtoss: 2018-09-30 Protoss castle vs Bulgaria Protoss Grast on Sin Peaks of Baekdu - 02:59
ZergvZerg: 2018-10-14 United States Zerg Ty2 vs Bulgaria Zerg mitak on Athena 2 - 03:22

Longest Games[edit]

All: 2019-10-06 Bulgaria Terran Kik0 vs South Korea Terran J1 on Blitz X - 01:06:10
TerranvZerg: 2018-09-02 Germany Terran Cryoc vs Poland Zerg ZZZero on Neo Electric Circuit - 39:21
ZergvProtoss: 2019-09-29 Norway Zerg Eriador vs Latvia Terran Crvt on Neo Arkanoid - 42:00
ProtossvTerran: 2019-09-29 South Korea Protoss ABC vs United States Terran Kyrie on Desperado - 42:33
ProtossvProtoss: 2018-06-17 Sweden Protoss OyAji vs Poland Protoss Radley on Hitchhiker - 38:43
ZergvZerg: 2018-10-21 Germany Zerg KuH vs Zerg JerryK97 on Neo Ground Zero - 17:34