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[e][h]Zerg sigamari
Player Information
Romanized Name:
Lee Chang Hoon
November 4, 1984 (age 39)
Alternate IDs:
Zerglee, Nissi~Shakie, H_Violet_W
Sung Si Kyung Zerg, Adrenaline Zerg
Approx. Total Winnings:
2003 KTF EVER Cup Proleague LG IBM MBC Team League
2002-10-?? — 2003-12-??
2003-12-?? — 2004-04-??
2004-04-?? — 2005-03-31
2005-04-01 — ????-??-??

Lee "sigamari" Chang Hoon is a retired StarCraft progamer from South Korea who played Zerg for Samsung KHAN.


[1]Lee Chang Hoon's field is not the ever so glamorous 1v1 stage, but teamplay; Chang Hoon was arguably the most dominant player in in the history of 2v2.

Despite doing very well in local teamplay events, Sigamari focused primarily on 1v1 until he was recruited to join Lim Yo Hwan in team Orion. During his early 1v1 career, Chang Hoon was renowned for exploiting any weakness a player would have in his base and consequently destroying their nexus or command center. This skill of his was particularly used against Protoss and the nickname 'Nexus killer' was born.

Chang Hoon never really made an impact on the scene until he persuaded Coach Ju Hoon to let him play in the match against the best teamplay combination of the time; Kang Doh Gyung and Park Jung Suk (H.O.T-Forever and Reach). Together with Kim Sung Jae (IntoTheRainBOw), he emerged victorious and was entrusted with all teamplay matches in the future. Chang Hoon left SK Telecom T1 in the early stages of 2005 for struggling team Samsung KHAN.

When Chang Hoon joined KHAN their victory rate was 30%. Within 6 months this percentage had increased to 75% and KHAN had won the first ever KeSPA Cup. In addition to this, he paved the way for KHAN to reach the 2005 Proleague Season 2 finals against his old team, SK Telecom T1, which they lost 2-4. KHAN's dependence on Chang Hoon's teamplay became evident in 2006 when the league format reduced the number of teamplay games to 1. After this change, KHAN's winning rate dropped back to the 30% area.

Chang Hoon spent an enormous amount of time on his team play strategies and attempted to show the audience that team play can be as interesting as 1v1. In an interview Chang Hoon said:

"I like Lim Yo Hwan the best. He always makes the audience anxious, making them wait in anticipation. In the same way, I want to be a person that makes the audience come with great expectations for teamplays. I wish that teamplays will be acknowledged by all people, just like the individual games. I will strive to make this happen."

Chang Hoon showed this in his games frequently. Whether it be using a Zerg/Protoss on a Zerg/Terran map, or using old strategies like Hydra-Guardian, Chang Hoon is always trying to be innovative and different. Samsung's coach Yoo Ji Kang ([Oops]January) has remarked that Chang Hoon is particularly good at team play due to his immense understanding of the different situations which can arise in the game. Hence, his other nickname, The Commander, for his unparalleled control and execution of team play strategies.


2004-10-309thPremier2004 SKY Proleague Round 22004 SKY Proleague Round 2
SK Telecom T1SK Telecom T1
3 : 2
2004-07-172ndPremier2004 SKY Proleague Round 12004 SKY Proleague Round 1
SK Telecom T1SK Telecom T1
3 : 4
Hanbit StarsHanbit Stars
2004-02-297thPremier2003 Neowiz Pmang Cup Proleague2003 Neowiz Pmang Cup Proleague
4 Union4 Union
2-5Grp S.-
2004-02-281stPremierLG IBM MBC Team LeagueLG IBM MBC Team League
4 Union4 Union
4 : 2
KTF MagicNsKTF MagicNs
2003-08-301stPremier2003 KTF EVER Cup Proleague2003 KTF EVER Cup Proleague
4 : 1
Hanbit StarsHanbit Stars
2002-04-074thMajor2002 1st PGR210 : 2-
2001-09-089th - 12thPremier2001 Coca-Cola OSL2001 Coca-Cola OSL1-2Grp S.-
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