[e][h]Terran skzlime
Player Information
Matthias Farkas
Alternate IDs:
tA-r.skyline, sas.skzlime
tA-r, F2F, sas

Matthias "skzlime" Farkas is a StarCraft player from Hungary who plays Terran for sas. He lives in Szeged and currently studies economics.


skzlime started to play StarCraft in 2003 and Brood War in 2004. In the era prior to the release of the StarCraft II beta he went widely unnoticed and only attended several minor LANs in Hungary. The Terran was member of traditional clans like tA-r. and F2F where he had the opportunity to train with players like Cameleon or ace. He joined the Hungarian clan sas in 2009, but participated in very few clan leagues and tournaments. His career is often characterized by long phases of inactivity.

In late 2010 skzlime finished second in the ICCup Clan Tournament. After a longer break the Terran entered more tournaments in late 2012. He was able to finish third in Defiler Tour 45, in which he was able to beat a number of well-established players, eventually only losing to the overall winner eOnzErG.

The Hungarian's style of play is very macro-oriented and prefers strategies that do not generate many micro-intensive situations.[1].


  • skzlime was able to un-infest a Command Center in his game against Bakuryu in the ICCup Clan League Tournament[2]


In Tier 2 Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2013-03-30 A33rd TeamLiquid Legacy Starleague 1 3 : 2  eOnzErG $50
In Tier 3 Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2014-07-13 A22nd Alchemist 1on1 Tournament 2 1 : 3  trutaCz $10
2013-05-26 A33rd Defiler Tour 57 W.O.  Neagle $10
2012-11-18 A33rd Defiler Tour 45 0 : 1  eOnzErG $10
Complete results in Major Tournaments