Sliding through Mineral Lines

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On some maps it is essential to be able to get your Workers across a Mineral Line. Some of these maps include Neo Requiem and the 2v2 map Iron Curtain. This technique exploits stacking, but is perfectly legal in all tournaments. The technique is also known as Mineral Hopping or Glitching.

This technique is often used to either get a Worker to a suitable expansion area or to get a unit to a strategic position.

For other sliding techniques see Sliding through Mineral Ramp and Sliding through Building Ramp.

Method 1: Using Workers[edit]

You can use a Worker to glide any ground unit through a Mineral Line by using the following method:

Step 1: Select the unit (1) (in the example a Vulture) in place and hotkey it. Put it in the smallest niche in the line, or in a concave if no niche is available. You can get it close to the key patch (3) by right-clicking it while it is selected. Getting a larger unit like an Ultralisk or a Tank in place may take more time but such units will fit in a vertical line. Ultralisks can't fit into the smallest niche of a horizontal line. You can fit in two Ghosts or Zerglings into a vertical niche.

Step 2: Select your Worker (2) (in the example an SCV) and have it mine from the patch (3).

NOTE: If your Worker is holding Minerals you can still tell it to mine, but it will shortly realize it's already holding something and will return to base. In that case you need to be fast in order for the slide to work.

Step 3: Select your unit (1) (hotkey) and right-click the green area (4) behind the patch once, then right-click the Mineral patch (3) once and then spam right-click the area (4).

Using this method you can slide almost any StarCraft: Brood War ground unit over a Mineral Line. There are two exceptions:

Exception 1: Sliding workers[edit]

If you're sliding over a Worker you use Step 1 and 2 above but instead of Step 3 you can simply spam right-click past the minerals. Alternatively, if you have a sizeable force of Workers available, have them all mine the same patch and hit stop. In the uncluttering mass that follows, several workers will drift over.

YouTube how-to[edit]

How to slide workers trough a mineral line on Outsider(Low Res)

Exception 2: Sliding Lurkers[edit]

Lurkers will not go over using the click past-click Minerals-spam past method. You have to right-click the minerals first and then spam past for a Lurker to go over.

Method 2: Using Buildings[edit]

Protoss and Terran workers can use buildings under construction to slide over a mineral line.


Step 1: Choose a concave patch.

Step 2: Position the Probe as snugly in the concave as possible by having it mine Minerals. Then, build a Pylon behind the Probe to trap the Probe between the Minerals and the Pylon.

Step 3: Right-click past the mineral line and your Probe will slide over the Mineral Line.

Step 4: Don't forget to cancel the Pylon once the Probe is over the Mineral Line.


Use the same method with Terran. While building, hit cancel once your SCV overlaps the Mineral Line and move it to the other side by right-clicking past it.

Method 3: Using Landing Terran Buildings[edit]

Any Terran Building that can be lifted off can be used for this method.

Step 1: Order a lifted Terran building to land next to the Minerals.

Step 2: Once it has moved to the right spot and starts landing, order the unit to move underneath it.

Step 3: The moment the building lands, order the unit to move to the other side of the Minerals by right-clicking past them.

Method 4: Using Add-ons[edit]

Simply have a Factory, Starport or Science Facility in place as shown in the picture. Place a unit close to the minerals and on the spot where the add-on will be. Place the add-on and simply right-click the unit past the Mineral Line.

Method 5: Using Burrow[edit]

Step 1: Move a unit that can burrow as close as you can to the Mineral patches you want to slide through. Tell it to burrow.

Step 2: Bring another unit, and tell it to move to a point slightly above the burrowed unit, moving it as close as you can to the burrowed unit without actually clicking on the burrowed unit. Tell the second unit to burrow, and it will burrow directly on top of the already burrowed unit. Repeat this step any number of times.

Step 3: Select all burrowed units, and tell them to unburrow. Immediately, tell them to move to the other side of the Mineral patches. The units will try to unstack themselves, and often some of them will move over the Mineral patch.

Using Spells[edit]


If you put a unit close to the Mineral Line and wall off the surrounding area with other units you can spawn hallucinations across it.


Spawned Broodlings will make a single movement in a random direction during which they cannot be controlled. They will often stack with other units. When the Broodlinged unit is close to a Mineral Line there is a chance that one or both Broodlings will glitch over.

Spider Mines[edit]

After laying a Spider Mine a Vulture will make a single movement in a random direction during which you cannot control it. If the Vulture is next to a Mineral Line it will move in a direction other than said Mineral Line making it impossible to hop it over.

Notable Games[edit]

Miracle vs Luxury, Outsider, Shinhan 08-09 Proleague