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Player Information
Romanized Name:
Hwang Hyo Jin
May 31, 1988 (age 34)

Hwang "Sonic" Hyo Jin is a Korean Brood War commentator, organizer and player operating in the AfreecaTV scene. He is also the founder of SOSPA, which initially started as a parody on KeSPA but became the center point of Korean Brood War with the fall of televized StarCraft in Korea.


Encouraged by his friends, Sonic began streaming his sometimes funny and playful tactics and strategies online, quickly making a name for himself in the online community as an enthusiastic and creative StarCraft player. These broadcasts attracted up to 2000 viewers.

In 2006, Sonic received a call from a viewer affiliated with the now-defunct media player GameKorea which wanted to work with him and in his third year of high school, Sonic moved to Seoul and worked for NiceGameTV on Playple and hosted a small program on OnGameNet.

In September 2008, Sonic enrolled in Korean mandatory 2-year military service. In 2010 he used money from his business (Sinbalfarm, shoe-selling online mall) to organize the very first SonicTV BJ Starleague (SSL). Without receiving any outside help, Sonic ran the league continuously for two years, while also organizing multiple SOSPA Ranking Tournaments. In 2012, the first offline SSL finals were held in the Kongkuk University Millenial Auditorium.[1]

With an increased rate of retirements of Brood War progamers from the KeSPA scene in 2013, many famous players like JangBi, Bisu or ZerO joined SOSPA which allowed Sonic to run the 1st SOSPA King of the Hill Proleague consisting of 8 teams, one of which was the Amateur All-Stars team competing as "Sonic Team".

Later that year, Sonic launched his own shoe brand called SBENU and opened his first SinbalFarm branch shop as well as an offline SonicTV studio [2] in preparation for the 9th SonicTV Starleague and future events. Sonic is widely recognized as the most influential figurehead in the Brood War resurgence after the departure of KeSPA, regularly organizing and sponsoring a a variety of tournaments and prize matches, such as the Sbenu All-Stars Tournament and Sbenu Super Fight. Leading up to the 10th SSL, anticipation has continued to build as Sonic has slowly revealed his plans for this to the best and largest prize pool SSL yet.[3]

Sonic is one of the most popular streaming broadcast jockeys, or BJs, on Afreeca, casting games played on the Fish server.[4]


  • Sonic was known for his energetic casting and interaction with viewers with an emphasis on sudden outburts of loud swearing as well as his deep passion for StarCraft radiating over many years.
  • In the military, Sonic kept having thoughts about organizing a league for the amateur players to provide them a better start on their way to progaming. Organizing his thoughts during his service, he opened an internet shopping mall SinbalFarm (ShoeFarm) with the money he had saved before going to the military. He then used his small business to support the StarLeagues.
  • On occasion, Sonic was co-casting with famous Brood War commentators such as Kim Carrier or Lee Seung Won, as well as some ex-progamers. He also co-operated with female BJs 양띵(YangTting) who he recorded a song with and BJ사랑(LoveTV) who helped organize and cast events.
  • Sonic was well aware of his foreign audience and often interacted with the fans despite his poor English. He sent a letter to TeamLiquid in 2012. [5]
  • In December 2012, TeamLiquid members joined forces to respond to Sonic with an encouragement letter. [6]

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