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[e][h]SonicTV BJ Starleague
League Information
South Korea South Korea
Start Date:
Not to be confused with StarCraft II StarLeague (SSL)

The SonicTV BJ Starleague (SSL for short) was a semi annual StarCraft tournament broadcasted on Afreeca by SonicTV. SonicTV is run by an individual from South Korea, the channel runs several StarCraft related events and competitions. With the first Starleague held in 2010, SSL is not a new creation, but it wasn't until recent that it gained a lot of focus in the foreign scene due to that both OSL and MSL stopped broadcasting Brood War.

Tournament Format[edit]

The SSL is a 32-player tournament that lasts about a month. The tournament is divided into several stages, the first is the round of 32 group stage, followed by the round of 16 group stage and an elimination bracket.

Players are invited, often determined by their SOSPA ranking.

Group Stage[edit]

Group Selection

The groups are randomly generated.

Group Play

The 32 or 16 players are divided into 8 or 4 groups of 4 players each. There are two opening match-ups of each group, the match-ups in the group stages are best of 3. The two winners goes on to face each other, the same goes for the losers. The player who lost in the winners match goes on to face the player who won the losers match. Top two of each group advances to the next stage of the tournament.

Elimination Bracket[edit]

The elimination bracket is the final round of the SSL. It works like a classic 8 man single-elimination tournament. The quarterfinals (the first round of the bracket phase) and the semifinals are best of 5, whereas the final is best of 7. The third place match is best of 3.


Total: 11 Starleagues.

Medals won per Race[edit]

As of the 10th SonicTV Starleague there have been:

Race 1st 2nd
Terran 4 5
Zerg 4 3
Protoss 3 3

Medals won per Player[edit]


 Terror ·  force[Name] ·  Sea.KH ·  Shinee ·  Candy ·  Sky ·  Mong ·  Bisu ·  sSak ·  hero


 Minus)Eagle ·  HiyA
 Dove ·  Ample ·  force[Name] ·  Sky ·  Larva ·  hero ·  Last


Date Winner Score Loser3rd placeScore4th place Prize ($ USD)
11 2010-11-28 South Korea  Terror 4 : 1South Korea  Minus)Eagle   TBD
22 2010-12-31 South Korea  Force(Name)
South Korea  Minus)Eagle   TBD
33 2011-02-26 South Korea  Sea.KH
South Korea  Dove   TBD
44 2011-05-21 South Korea  Shinee 3 : 0South Korea  Ample   TBD


Starleague Date Winner Runner-Up Final Score TeamLiquid Articles
1st SonicTV BJ Starleague (2010/11/23 - 2010/11/28)  Terror  Minus)Eagle 4-1
2nd SonicTV BJ Starleague (2010/12/24 - 2010/12/31)  force[Name]  Minus)Eagle ?-?
3rd SonicTV BJ Starleague (2011/02/17 - 2011/02/26)  Sea.KH  Dove ?-?
4th SonicTV BJ Starleague (2011/05/11 - 2011/05/21)  Shinee  Ample 3-0
5th SonicTV BJ Starleague (2011/07/26 - 2011/08/20)  Candy  force[Name] 4-0 R&S
Sonic's BJ Starleague Season 6 (2012/02/24 - 2012/03/17)  Sky  HiyA 4-1
Onse Telecom 2 Number Plus SonicTV BJ Starleague (2012/04/16 - 2012/04/28)  Mong  Sky 4-3 R&S
7th SonicTV Starleague (2012/09/16 - 2012/10/13)  Killer  Larva 4-1 R&S Grand Final Recap
8th SonicTV Starleague (2013/03/01 - 2013/06/01)  Killer  HiyA 3-1 R&S
9th SonicTV Starleague (2014/01/10 - 2014/03/15)  Bisu  hero 3-2 Info/Announcement Grand Final Recap
10th SonicTV Starleague (2014/12/24 - 2015/02/15)  sSak  Last 3-2 Grand Final Recap
11th SonicTV Starleague (2015/05/17 - 2015/07/30)  hero  Bisu 3-0 Grand Final Recap


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