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Player Information
Wayne Chiang
April 25, 1978 (1978-04-25) (age 43)
Alternate IDs:
D22-soso, GX-soso, fobshady, sosowac
Total Earnings:

Wayne "soso" Chiang is a retired StarCraft progamer from United States who played random, or race-picked.

Soso was among the top players during the earliest days of StarCraft and Brood War. Soso had a rivalry with Canadian player Grrrr..., meeting in multiple tournaments and show matches, with battle reports documenting many of such match-ups.[1][2][3] Soso maintained a friendship with team/clan mate Gadianton.[4]

Soso's strategies and editorials were widely read in the earliest days of Starcraft online coverage, with his articles appearing at and, where he acted as editor and/or administrator.[5] Soso's legacy is likely marked by his origination of Pimpest Plays in 2002 as he compiled unique game tactics that served productive purposes, and thus not executed just for show.[6][7] Additionally, Soso is likely remembered in lore for using his StarCraft fame towards meeting Eugene of Korean pop music girl group S.E.S.[8] Since early on in his public gaming achievements, Soso had dedicated his victories to Eugene, in addition to as operating a "shrine" fan page in her honor. [9][10] Soso eventually succeeded in utilizing his media attention to meeting Eugene at a concert in October 1999.[11]

Soso graduated from the University of California, San Diego in 2007.[12] His post-StarCraft activities include poker, screenwriting, comic drawing, and web development.

Some of his tournament achievements include:


1999-09-02CA3rdA1Major1v11999 Brood War Tournament World Championships1999 Brood War Tournament World ChampionshipsSosoCanada  +Illusia+$1,000
1999-08-14EC5 - 8thA1Major1v11999 Sports Seoul Cup1999 Sports Seoul CupSoso0 : 1South Korea  DiGamma$850
1999-05-22BA2ndA1Major1v11999 PGL Season 41999 PGL Season 4Soso0 : 1Canada  Grrrr...$7,000
1999-04-28AA1stA2Minor1v11999 Brood War Season 1 Ladder Tournament1999 Brood War Season 1 Ladder TournamentSoso3 : 2Canada  Chris_Low$2,500
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In describing where his handle originated:

soso (Soso FAQ)