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For the Terran player, inventor of SK Terran, see NPGL SoulKey.

[e][h]Zerg Soulkey
Player Information
Romanized Name:
Kim Min Chul
December 10, 1991 (1991-12-10) (age 28)
Alternate IDs:
Soulkey, Neo.G_Soulkey
Iron Wall
Total Earnings:
2018 Korea StarCraft League Season 2
2008-09-24 — 2013-12-13
2013-12-13 — 2014-09-25

Kim "Soulkey" Min Chul is a StarCraft progamer from South Korea who played Zerg for Woongjin Stars.

He played Zerg in StarCraft II for TCM-Gaming. Soulkey currently streams on Afreeca, having started in October 2016.[1]


In 2010, Soulkey gained notoriety fast: He achieved an impressive streak of wins in the KeSPA Dream League 09–10, with a total record of 13–4.[2] The more important achievement happened in the 3rd vs. 4th Winners League Play-Off match against STX SouL: After MVP had lost to Kal, he was sent as the 2nd player and managed to performed an All-Kill, beating Kal, Modesty, hero, and Calm in turn. In the next Play-Off match against MBCGame HERO (which the Stars lost 3–4), he was sent out at the starter, but lost to Light.


  • Had the police called on him due to singing loudly while streaming [3]


In Premier Tournaments
Date Place Event Team Result Winnings
2020-10-25 A55 - 8th ASL Season 10 1 : 3 South Korea  Larva $1,801
2019-05-24 A55 - 8th Korea StarCraft League Season 3 1 : 3 South Korea  Snow $2,531
2018-12-15 A11st Korea StarCraft League Season 2 4 : 1 South Korea  Sharp $26,446
2018-08-31 A33 - 4th Korea StarCraft League Season 1 2 : 4 South Korea  Last $5,344
2017-11-19 A11st WEGL Starcraft Remaster Super Fight 3 : 0 South Korea  Larva $18,243
2017-10-17 A55 - 8th ASL Season 4 2 : 3 South Korea  hero $893
2017-05-30 A44th ASL Season 3 1 : 3 South Korea  Bisu $1,781
2012-08-04 A59 - 16th 2012 Tving OSL $1,764
2011-06-11 A59 - 16th ABC Mart MSL 1 : 2 South Korea  Leta $1,385
2011-02-19 A59 - 16th PDPop MSL 1 : 2 South Korea  ZerO $1,349
In Major Tournaments
Date Place Event Team Result Winnings
2018-06-02 A11st Last Starleague 3 : 0 South Korea  BeSt $930
2018-01-29 A33rd DanJJING Star League Season 2 3 : 1 South Korea  BeSt $467
2017-06-01 A33rd SSL Classic Season 1 0 : 2 South Korea  free $1,779
In Minor Tournaments
Date Place Event Team Result Winnings
2017-05-19 A44th Thrill Starleague Season 2 L South Korea  Hyun
Complete Results in any Tournament

Other Achievements[edit]

  • Most Wins in KeSPA Dream League 09–10.


Soulkey's first rival is the hite Entus player Snow. Both emerged at about the same time during Dreamleague, went on to take major roles in their respective teams, and faced off several times against each other. The latest showdown will be at the qualifier for the 2010 Bacchus OSL where they are facing off in the Ro36. The head to head record is 5-1 in favor of Snow though.

Notable Games[edit]