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StarCraft Portal: Spells

From Liquipedia StarCraft Brood War Wiki


This page deals with the Spells cast by various StarCraft units. Spellcasters are units that have a certain amount of Energy at their disposal that slowly builds up towards a maximum of 200 (250 with the respective Upgrade). Most of them do not have an attack on their own or just a weak one.


Arbiter Recall, Stasis Field
Corsair Disruption Web
Dark Archon Feedback, Mind Control, Maelstrom
High Templar Psionic Storm, Hallucination


Defiler Consume, Dark Swarm, Plague
Queen Parasite, Spawn Broodling, Ensnare, Infest Command Center


Battlecruiser Yamato Gun
Ghost Cloak, Lockdown, Nuclear Strike
Medic Heal, Restoration, Optical Flare
Science Vessel Defensive Matrix, Irradiate, EMP Shockwave
Wraith Cloak