Spore Colony

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[e][h]Zerg Spore Colony
Building Information
50 0 12 0
400 0
Air Damage:

The Spore Colony is a Zerg base anti-air defense structure. It deals 15 points of damage with a high rate of fire and provides the Zerg with static detection of cloaked units. The Spore Colony requires Evolution Chamber technology before being morphed from the Creep Colony.


versus Protoss[edit]

The Spore Colony can help protect Overlords from Corsair harassment. Additionally, it provides detection against Dark Templars if there are no Overlords present in the vicinity. Zerg defensive positions sometimes involve the placement of a Spore Colony in front, ahead of Sunken Colonies and Lurkers.

versus Terran[edit]

The Spore Colony can be used to counter aggressive air attacks such as in the 2 Port Wraith strategy or if the Zerg player opted for a late Spire, thus delaying production of Mutalisks and Scourge. Spore Colonies can also be built on the edges of Creep to counter Dropships or snipe off any scouting Science Vessels, especially those Plagued by Defilers.

versus Zerg[edit]

The Spore Colony is not commonly used in this match-up as it requires the consumption of valuable minerals and drones in a, generally, tightly contested battle. In instances when the Zerg player is behind in the timing for the Spire, however, Spore Colonies are used to provide necessary defense against air attacks. Additionally, Spore Colonies are sometimes built to hold off an opponent while the Zerg player climbs the tech tree (i.e. Queens, Devourers, and upgrades) while sacrificing some map control earlier in the game.

Notable Games[edit]

  •  RorO vs.  EffOrt on Judgment Day, Shinhan Bank Proleague 09–10, Ro5 Week 5 Day 4 1st set  — EffOrt used the offensive Spore Colony.

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