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A stalemate is a rare situation in professional Brood War. Since there is no function built into the game to declare it, it needs to be called by the referees. This may be due to two situations:

  1. It is impossible for either player to kill off the other. For example, if one player only has ground units and the other is floating a Command Center in an inaccessible spot.
  2. It would be possible for one player to win, but neither player is showing willingness to attack. For example in a drawn out TvT with big Battlecruiser fleets on both sides, attacking into the opposing Missile Turrets would be suicidal. So neither attacks.

Notable stalemates in progaming[edit]

Terran Canata vs. Terran Shine [edit]

Event and Time: MBC Survivor 17th, April 16 2009

The game was a long, drawn-out TvT on the map Carthage 2. The endgame consisted of two fleets of Battlecruisers, protected by Turrets on both sides. After a long time of non-action, besides the patrolling of Battlecruiser fleets on both sides, the referees decided to call it a draw. The regame was won by Shine in rather quick fashion. This regame also constituted Canata's very first loss in the MST survivor tournament after a 17-game winstreak. See: Canata's Accomplishments.

Protoss Rock vs. Protoss Chalrenge [edit]

Event and Time: Shinhan 2007 Proleague, ACE match of Pantech EX vs OGN Sparkyz, June 26, 2007

Rock held the advantage for all the game. Chalrenge defended his base with Dark Archons, Arbiters, Cannons and Dark Templar. In the end, Rock had spent all his resources and still couldn't manage to break Chalrenge's position and the referees had to call it a draw. The regame was won by Rock, taking the match home for Pantech EX.

Protoss JangBi vs. Terran Flash [edit]

Event and Time: Shinhan 2008 Proleague, KT vs KHAN July 7 2008

Long PvT in which Flash is forced to defend against an ever growing fleet of carriers from JangBi. JangBi launches numerous attacks on Flash's expansions without being able to hurt his position in a game-ending way. When the map mines out (both players having taken symmetrical bases) Flash has dozens of turrets at every expansion, along with a huge line of mines splitting the map officially in two backed up by goliaths and tanks, and also proceeds to lift all available buildings and float them to this midpoint. After a few minutes of JangBi making a face out of his leftover probes, the referees call a draw. The regame was won by JangBi.

Protoss horang2 vs Protoss Jaehoon [edit]

Event and Time: SPL 2012 Proleague, CJ vs Team 8 January 15 2012

Both players went for fast DTs, and both players ended up with cannons with probes surrounding them. Since the DTs could not win the game for either side, the game was ruled a draw.