[e][h]Terran Starport
Building Information
150 100 44
1300 1
V  S

The Starport is an advanced building constructed by Terran. Its primarily serves to construct air units.

Even if most of the other air units are not built, the Starport is required to build the Science Facility which unlocks the Science Vessel and is required to research Tier 2 and 3 upgrades as well building a Covert Ops and Physics Lab which unlock the Ghost and the Battlecruiser respectively.

Similar to the Factory with the Machine Shop add-on, when multiple Starports are built, the Terran player can elect to build Control Towers on a subset of the Starports. This can occur during heavy Wraith production strategies, where only one Control Tower is necessary to research the Wraith Cloak and Cloak Energy upgrades, leaving the standalone Starports sufficient for construction. Because the Starport sits toward the end of the Terran technology tree, it is usually reserved for the mid to late game.

The Starport does not directly research any upgrades. It has the ability to Lift Off to better enable the construction of the desired Sim-City.

Unit Minerals Vespene Gas Supply Build Time Key
Wraith 150 100 2 38 W
Dropship 100 100 2 32 D
Science Vessel 100 225 2 50 V
Valkyrie 250 125 3 32 Y
Battlecruiser 400 300 6 84 B

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