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Stasis Field

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Spell Information
Researched from:
Research Cost:
Minerals 150 Vespene Gas 150 Build Time 62.7
Research Hotkey:

Cast by the Arbiter, Stasis Field freezes units in a 3x3 around the target area for approximately 43.83~ seconds (lasts between 1040-1047 frames[1] ,the same duration as the Ghost spell, Lockdown). Stasised units cannot move, attack, be attacked or be affected by spells for the duration of the stasis. This spell is researched at the Arbiter Tribunal.



Used to freeze armies with high Dragoon count into smaller groups, displacing the army in the process. Also can be used to hard counter Carriers. Another use is to freeze the foremost line of battle (which should consist mostly of your and your opponents' Zealots and Archons), then bombard the enemy Dragoons stuck behind with long-ranged attacks such as Storms or Reavers. This would force them to retreat and leave his Zealots behind for your army to destroy.


The main use of Stasis in PvT is to temporarily put a cluster of Siege Tanks out of commission, thus reducing the size of the Terran force and hopefully turn the tide of battle in Protoss' favor. For this technique, Stasis Field should be used on tanks that are further away, because not only will it smother the Terran's firepower, it will also hinder enemy reinforcements from joining battle. Be careful not to stasis enemy units too near, as the frozen units can act as a barrier blocking the Protoss player's Zealots and Dragoons from reaching the remaining Terran forces. This is especially important when the Terran army is maxed out both in upgrades and numbers due to the fact that such an army generally is considered stronger than the equivalent on the Protoss side. By casting stasis on further placed parts of the Terran army, the Protoss army can hopefully overwhelm the remaining forces and win the battle.

Another use is in combination with Recall on maps with ramps leading to the main. 2 Arbiters are sent in (or 1 with maxed energy; this requires Khaydarin Core to be researched). The first casts Recall, and the second casts Stasis on some units (either on Terran reinforcements or the Protoss' own Recalled units) on the ramp between the main and natural. This can help the Protoss cause catastrophic damage to the Terran's Factories; because Stasis lasts so long, it will be a long time before the Terran is able to reinforce and clear up the Recalled army.


Using Stasis Field in PvZ can be a problem because the Zerg army is extremely mobile and the Arbiter itself is vulnerable to Scourge. With good micro, the main Zerg army can avoid being put into Stasis while Sniping incoming Arbiters. With Corsair support, however, it can be used effectively against big armies. You can also delay a Doom Drop by freezing Overlords before their units can be dropped.

Countered by[edit]


The common Terran response to Arbiters is to spread out the tanks and have Science Vessels ready to EMP incoming Arbiters before they have a chance to use stasis. But with higher APM, you can avoid being EMP-ed, so it is not a 100% counter. In rare cases, Terran might also create Ghosts to lock down your Arbiters.


The best way to deal with stasis field is Feedback. If you have enough Dark Archons, you can also Mind Control them and use Stasis Field without researching it, saving your own Resources.

Strategies Using Stasis Field[edit]

The Stove

In Combination with Other Spells[edit]

  • Cloaked units will regain energy while stasised.
  • Stasised units are invulnerable to any attack or spell damage (including nukes and psi storm).
  • Irradiated units will not take damage but still damage others
  • Can be used on ramps or tight chokes to temporarily wall. This wall can be displaced by workers and other units with correct micro.
  • If timed correctly stasised units can be obliterated with a nuke or psi storm upon the end of the duration.
  • If cast on a worker in the midst of harvesting minerals, the targeted mineral patch cannot be harvested by another worker until the spell breaks. While unlikely, this may be used for harrasing the opponent's mineral lines in late-game, causing a massive decrease in the opponent's economy. Theoreticaly with 6 arbiters you can permanently stop harvesting on one base forever (resp. delay it for hours). However, the Arbiters' energy is usually spent better elsewhere, such as recalling friendly forces into enemy expansions.


Notable Games[edit]



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