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[e][h]Terran Strelok
Player Information
Євген Опвришев
Romanized Name:
Ievgen Oparyshev
May 25, 1985 (age 39)
Alternate IDs:
xLo.Strelok, MYM.Strelok
Approx. Total Winnings:
Asus Spring 2008 GameStar League 2008
????-??-?? — 2008-??-??
????-??-?? — 2008-??-??
????-??-?? — ????-??-??
????-??-?? — ????-??-??
????-??-?? — 2009-01-??

Eugin "Strelok Oparyshev was a Ukrainian Terran and WCG Bronze Medalist.

In between 2007 and 2009 Strelok belonged to the best foreign players.

Strelok plays StarCraft II for Alien Invasion.


Strelok belongs to an early generation of Brood War players, even though his prime was in between December 2007 and winter 2009. Together with White-Ra, the Ukrainian Terran can be counted among the most stable East European players in the three years before the StarCraft II Wings of Liberty Beta started. His probably biggest achievement was his third place in WCG 2008, which he won 2-0 over the Chinese Protoss LoveTT. During his career the Terran was one of the strongest players in several team leagues for high profiled clans, such as excello, Meet Your Makers and mousesports.

Brood War Career[edit]

Early Days[edit]

Oparyshev started to play Brood War relatively early. In his very early days, the Terran focused on offline matches against friends, as he had no stable internet connection at home. With unlimited access to the internet Strelok improved very fast and started to finish high in Ukrainian events. By 2005 he qualified regularly for the World Cyber Games Ukraine preliminaries. Although coming close to a qualification spot for the main event, the Terran was constantly over-towered by the more experienced player White-Ra. Due to the tough competition in the Russian speaking countries, Strelok wasn't very known in the international community yet. However, the Italian clan Play IT (later SoL), most notable for players like Selector, Lamer and Schnibl0r picked up the Terran.

After missing to win a ticket to the main event in the WCG Ukraine 2006, in which he lost 1-2 against the Terran Enemy, Strelok slowly started to focus on events outside of the Eastern European scene. Especially the vacuum of top level clans after pro Gaming's disbandment played into the hands of the rising Ukrainian star. One team to pick up the remainders of pro Gaming, seeking for unknown talents was excello. Excello recruited the Terran and offered him monetary incentives. With more training, better partners and financial motivation, the Terran soon turned into the key player of his new clan[1].


In June 2006 excello signed up for the QCup, a team league for 32 invited clans with an exotic design. Instead of having regular clan wars, the league hosted twenty individual 32 Man Single Elimination tournaments. In each tournament 32 of the best international players participated, one champion per clan. The players to finish on the places 1-4 would receive 5, 3 or 1 point respectively. At first excello had a relatively bad start into the season, losing constantly against lower profiled teams.

His first appearance in the league was during the seventh edition, where he was defeated by the Polish Zerg TGO. In the tenth Cup Strelok was sent out as champion and won the cup with ease against a relatively weak field, not losing a single set in the process. He repeated this stellar performance a week later, in the 13th individual tournament, this time defeating a number of new comers, such as the Polish Zerg MoonShine or the American Zerg LzGamer. In the 16th edition he defeated the Canadian XiaOzI in a close 3-2 and took his third gold medal; so far 16 out of 16 points for excello were scored by the Ukrainian. Excello eventually qualified with 21 points overall, out of which Strelok scored 17.

In the last Days of 2007, Strelok finished high in two more tournaments. The first was the QCup Mid-Season Tournament, featuring 64 of the best players of the QCup. In the course of the tournament the Terran underlined his skill against various high profiled players, ending with a clean 2-0 sweep over the reigning foreign Zerg Mondragon. A few days later Strelok won a silver Medal in's New Year tournament. He was beaten by Russia's strongest Terran Advokate in the first round, but managed his way back through the Loser's Bracket, taking revenge for his loss in the LB Finals, before being defeated by his long term rival White-Ra with a 0-3.


In early 2008 Strelok left excello and transferred first AFM, then to the Danish multi-gaming clan Meet Your Makers. The Terran also participated in the TSL ladder stage and achieved an A- ranking on the new server ICCup. He qualified in the following process and made it to the Round of 16. However, this meant end of line, as the Terran faced Draco, a professional player.

Aside from this early loss, the rest of 2008 marked Strelok's peak so far. He won the 14th and 15th season of WGTour's individual 1v1 ladder. In June he won a silver medal and about 640 € in the Dreamhack Summer 2008. Shortly afterwards GosuGamers listed him as best players in their Gosu Ranking. In July Strelok was invited by Blizzard to participate in the Blizzard WWI, but could not attend, due to visa issues.

Strelok also qualified for the Valor Starleague with a B+ ranking. In the subsequent knock out stage Strelok's strong Terran vs. Zerg paid off, as he was able to beat the talented youngster Sziky in the Round of 32 and defeat the Chilean DinOt a round later. His next opponent was America's probably strongest non-professional Terran, Fenix. The match started with a 0-1. Strelok was apparently about to tie the score when Fenix disc'ed. After that a dispute started, in which the administration of the tournament was acting rather unprofessional. After the judges gave out different rulings, Strelok forfeited[2].

Shortly after the disconnect of Fenix and with the ruling still pending, the Ukrainian went to Moscow to attend the Asus Spring 2008. The offline LAN had the greatest prize pool the Ukrainian fought for so far, and also featured the strongest player of the Russian speaking scene. In the course of the tournament Strelok defeated the seasoned veterans Androide, Advokate and White-Ra.

Parallel to all previously mentioned events, Strelok also participated in the ESL Major Series Season 3, the GSL and the Fragbet Leagues for AFM (Season I) and Meet Your Makers (Season II). In the ESL he was eventually defeated by HayprO in the Loser Bracket, while he won the Gamestar League relatively easy; this meant more than 2000€ as prizes for him.

In the team leagues, his performance seemed to be a lot worse than his streaks during the QCups. Before the play-offs of the FragBet League I, Strelok had a mediocre 2-4 record. However, in the play offs he all-killed the French clan MgZ and steam rolled the Templars of Twilight in the finals with a second all-kill back-to-back. This eventually made him the Most Valuable Player for AFM. His first big league for Meet Your Makers wasn't too notable. He finished with a 4-2 record, losing to the map hacker so.o and the Polish Templar Hullah.

The biggest achievement of Strelok in 2008 and his overall career was his run in the WCG 2008, his only appearance in the grand finals ever. He managed to finish first in his group with ease, defeated the Russian Bruce and the Chinese professional Legend in the Round of 16 and Quarter Finals respectively, before being stopped by the Korean Luxury in the Semis. In the match for place 3 he defeated the Chinese Protoss LoveTT with a clean 2-0.

Career End[edit]

2009 started relatively well for Strelok. He finished high in several Zotac Cups, out of which he won the 15th and and the 31st edition. However, aside from that his performance wasn't comparable to the year before. He was put into the strongest group of the ESL Major Series Season 4, together with ret and IdrA. He lost to both and eventually couldn't participate in the knock out stage.

In the SC2GG Starleague in spring, he had similar problems to advance from his group. He had to undergo tie breaker matches, in which he knocked out the oldschool player Napoleon, before being able to advance into the Knock Out Stages. In these he defeated Draco, but lost in a close series to Yayba in the semi finals. In the match for place three he lost with the same close score to the Canadian XiaOzI.

He also missed to score well in the WCG Ukraine 2009 - for the first time in his career, the Terran was nowhere close to the qualification spot. After being dealt a surprising 0-2 loss by Marwin, Strelok couldn't recover.

Now being in Meet Your Maker's follower, ESC Icy Box, Strelok also participated in clan leagues again. During the Titans League, Strelok showed his best results so far. In summer he managed to score 8-0 against strong players like GoOdy. His spree was first stopped by Mondragon, who beat the Terran with a 2-1.

The ESL Major Series 5 was Strelok's last big tournament. He qualified as runner up out of the group stage, losing only to the German Mondragon. In the following tournament he beat White-Ra, the German aCe and lost 1-3 against the dominating professional IdrA. After this final in February 2010, Strelok faded and participated less and less in any league. With the start of the SCII Beta, he soon transitioned to the new title.


Strelok's style wasn't too different from most Terran. However, he combined thought through strategies with strong mechanics. Most of his timings were as flawless as they could be for a non-professional. Other than most Russian speaking Terran, Strelok's weakest match up was against Protoss. This was one of the reasons he lost so many games against the seasoned veteran and PvT specialist White-Ra in the WCG Ukraine.

Unlike the Russian legends Androide and Ex, Strelok was also known as one of the strongest Zerg snipers in foreign history. He could deal with the changing meta game for a long time and abused multiple features in the match up. His understanding of the game flow allowed him to adapt and develop strong openings on any kind of match against any kind of player. It needed the best foreign Zerg players to match his skill; during Winter 2007 and Spring 2009 almost no foreign Zerg could meet the Terran on eye level over long distances.



White-Ra and Strelok were the two leading players of the Ukraine. Even though both played in the same teams for a longer period of time, both had to face each other over various small tournaments and sometimes in clan leagues. This was especially critical, whenever both tried to qualify for the World Cyber Games, since the organization did not pay for all three winners. If they would have, Strelok and White-Ra both would have attended all main events between 2005 and 2008.


The rivalry between Strelok and HayprO was not an official one, nor did it have the same historical impact on the outcome of major tournaments in most cases. The rivarly between the two started with the launch of the QCup. Both players were relatively unknown to the European scene in Summer 2007. HayprO was a new face in the Line Up of Team BW-, whereas Strelok was still standing in the shadows of White-Ra. At the end of the QCup season HayprO, executor and Strelok were the most valuable players of the season, all having won more than two individual tournaments. However, HayprO[3] and executor[4] were convicted of map hacks only a few weeks after the league finished. It is hard to say if HayprO would have had the same scores if he played clean. Interestingly enough, HayprO's wins meant that Strelok wasn't listed as #1 player on GosuGamer's GosuRanking earlier.

Even after HayprO's hack incident and the QCup, the two faced each other in major events - most notably the ESL Major Series 3 and the Dreamhack Summer 2008. Overall, HayprO was the only Zerg who could challenge Strelok in his prime for a long period of time.


  • Strelok offered himself as coach to the community. After coaching the Ukrainian Aquagen and the Russian Heme in 2006, he publicly announced that anyone could hire him to improve the own game on Meet Your Makers Homepage.


2010-02-012ndMajorESL Major Series VESL Major Series V1 : 3$278
2009-03-082ndShowm. (Min.)Liquibition 282 : 5- New Year Championship0 : 3$125
2008-11-161stMajorGameStar League 20083 : 1$1,889.55
2008-11-083rdPremierWCG 2008WCG 20082 : 0$3,000
2008-06-172ndMajorDreamhack Summer 20081 : 3$993.21
2008-06-029th - 16thMajor2008 Razer TSL2008 Razer TSL0 : 2$100
2008-05-251stMajorAsus Spring 20082 : 1$860
2007-08-182ndMajorWCG Ukraine 2007WCG Ukraine 20070 : 2-
2005-09-033rdMajorWCG Ukraine 2005WCG Ukraine 2005L : W-
Extended list of results
In Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2010-02-01 2nd ESL Major Series Season 5 1 : 3 Terran Idra € 200
2008-11-16 1st GameStar League W : L Zerg Mondragon € 2,250
2008-06-17 2nd Dreamhack Summer 1 : 3 Zerg HayprO SEK 6,000
2008-05-25 1st ASUS Spring 2 : 1 Terran Advokate $ 860
2008-03-08 1st WGTour 15 Finals 2 : 1 Zerg CaStrO $ 100
2007-12 1st 3D New Year Tournament 2007 2 : 0 Zerg Alf $ 100
2007-12-12 3rd QCup Mid-Season Tournament 2 : 0 Zerg Mondragon € 168
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Earnings Breakdown[edit]

Notable Games[edit]