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Kwark (08/08/2008) Copying and pasting this into the liquipedia feedback topic but I'll leave the text here for people to add to for now.

On the Main Page, perhaps a section at the top should be included for those who are new to StarCraft in general. A link to the Strategy Overview and the StarCraft Beginner's Reference could be included. Also, a page should be created with an even more newbie-oriented feel. A description of (or link to a page describing) common StarCraft slang could be included, as well as a general guide on how to get started playing StarCraft (picking a race, learning hotkeys, understanding competitive play etc.). Links to iCCUP, the TL strategy forums, and GOMtv could be included(on this or the how to practice page), as these are great places for people to improve their ability. As well, the how to practice page could include download links to popular UMS micro training maps, such as vulture_nightmare and muta_micro. Finally, links to popular replay pack downloads could be included on the how to practice page, for obvious reasons.

On the main page and/or on the sidebar, the Strategy Overview should be bolded and/or made larger, as it is probably the most important page on the website.

Since there's a KeSPA ranking article, maybe a simplified digest of how ELO rankings are determined would be useful.

A page for hotkeys and how they are used, or perhaps even hotkeys for each race would be very useful.

On the page of 2008 Batoo OSL it says: "Flash's road to the finals is considered one of the hardest of all time, playing and defeating Jaedong, Bisu and Stork in a Bo3 or Bo5. This is the only starleague to date where one of these four has had to play the other three in the same tournament.". But on the previous OSL to Batoo OSL, Stork had to verse all three Bisu, Flash and Jaedong in the bracket round. But Stork lost to Jaedong in the finals. So maybe change the line to " play the other three in the same tournament before winning the Title"?

Duly noted and edited. Good observation. :) --Caesarion 10:47, 14 April 2012 (KST)