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Sunken Rush

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[e][h]ZergSunken Rush
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The term Sunken Rush refers to a Zerg player building one or more Sunken Colonies in, or just outside of, the opponent’s Base. It can be used to set up a contain, or used as part of an all-in rush strategy.

As with most Zerg buildings, the Sunken Colony must be constructed on Zerg Creep, whether allied, neutral (like on the map, Colosseum, for example), or enemy (ie. in a ZvZ).

Due to the low cost, minimal tech requirements (Spawning Pool and Creep Colony) and reasonably short building time of Sunken Colonies, Sunken Rushes can be performed during very early stages of the game given the right circumstances.

Sunken Rushes are most often seen in ZvZ but can also be used in other match-ups when in combination with a (usually hidden) Proxy Hatchery or the use of neutral Creep.

Sunken rushes in ZvZ are usually in one of two cases, a 4/5 pool in which the rushing player will bring a few drones along to help deal further damage in the rush by building a sunken, or in a game where one Zerg player has been forced to build Spore Colonies due to being behind in air tech, and the other Zerg player will build Sunken Colonies on the edge of the turtling Zerg's creep.

Notable Games[edit]




  • Zerg Action vs. Protoss Mini on Eddy, KSL S3, Ro16 Group C Decider  — Action uses an offensive Hatchery to set up a Sunken contain outside of Mini's base.