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Swedish Brood War Initiative

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[e][h]Swedish Brood War Initiative
Company Information
Parent Company:
Stockholm, Sweden

The Swedish Brood War Initiative is a Swedish organization supporting the foreign Brood War competitive scene.


In April 2012[1] Ludvig "Jaevlaterran" Wulff presented an idea on for a non-profit organization using Swedish Government funds with the goal to promote foreign Brood War. The so-called "Swedish Brood War Initiative" (SBWI) was originally limited for Swedish members at first, but expanded in the following months [2] and offered ways to register from abroad.

The project started relatively successful, after only three days the organization already listed ten members[3]. With the help of member fees, government funds and donations the SBWI was able to support prize pools of several notable foreign events within twelve months after the initial post. In late 2012 the SBWI Nation Wars was the first larger league to use the SBWI funds.

A standalone website was announced in April 2013[4].

Structures and Funding[edit]

The SBWI is funded by membership fees, donations and government funds. Any Swedish member can sign up after paying the sum of 50 Swedish Krones (roughly ~7,50 USD), any person can donate via paypal or bank transfers. For every paying member the organization receives an annual bonus from the Swedish state.

The Swedish social policies reward several organizations which help to improve a citizen's social capital. These programs were a reaction to the increased alcohol abuse of young adults in the 80s, trying to "keep youths off the street"[5]. Swedish social clubs- and organizations consequently can sign up for these funds. Depending on the number of members, age and goals financial support will be granted. The SBWI is listed as youth organization in the context of aforementioned projects since May 2012[6].

As a result of the political guidelines and limitations, the SBWI is a non-profit organization and uses a democratic system. Registered members can vote on future projects, elect the leader board and thus is differently structured compared with other notable Brood War organizations like, ICCup or related pages. Furthermore, since mostly Swedes are registered members, the SBWI often organizes meetings similar to SCII's BarCrafts, called Brood Bars[7]. During these offline meetings the members watch streams, discuss games or discuss ongoing and future tournaments.

The Board[edit]

Position Nick
Chairman Jaevlaterran
Treasurer TehRei
Marketing Epoxide
Regional Administrator Gothenburg Abjurer
Senior Web Designer Mutisk
Junior Web Designer vOddy
  • last updated: 8th November, 2013

Tournaments, Organization and Cooperations[edit]

The SBWI Nation Wars organized by Game was the first event to use the Swedish Brood War Initiative's funds. For this event the organization acted as passive sponsor. The original goal was to unite foreign Brood War players of each country and to revive the national scenes. While the SBWI dictated the rough outlines, rules and plans for the league, the American organizer should realize the league itself. However, despite the relative success of the event, the actual organization of Game lacked a professional spirit, especially his conduct during several wars was subject of public criticism by participants, the sponsors and the audience alike.

After evaluating the Nation Wars the board of the SBWI voted to play a more active role in the future. With the SBWI Summer Tournament a first attempt to organize own tournaments was realized in summer 2012. In addition to this individual tournament, a part of the funds were used to support ICCups Ladder Main Event in late 2012. Furthermore, the SBWI also organized the SBWI Teamleague as replacement for the Gambit Cup in October 2013, orchestrated by Jaevlaterran, mEATshEILd and vOddy.