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[e][h]Sylphid (or Neo Sylphid)
Map Information
Jungle World
Spawn Positions:
3 at 4, 8, 12


Competition Span:
January 2019 - currently in use


Sylphid is a 3 player ladder map. It is not easy to design a balanced 3 players map, as all Starcraft maps are of rectangular shape. The 3 spawn positions are located on a circle with a center being at the center of the map.

Notable Features[edit]

  • Neo Sylphid design feature is that the player spawn positions as well as expansions are more-or-less positioned along a circle. The map is encircled by impassable terrain (although not completely) which makes it suitable for squeezing drops or arbiter recalls along the map's perimeter.
  • There are no resources at the center of the map which predestines it to be an intensive battleground.
  • A lot of the center of the map is covered by debris, which makes the terrain almost impossible to build on. This especially prevents Terran from building turrets and supply depots along its siege-tank lines (otherwise being a common technique for Terran).
  • Even the inner-most expansion slots contain portions of invisible un-buildable terrain due to which it is more difficult to protect these expansions by static defense (pylons + photon cannons in case of Protoss, turrets in case of Terran, creep colonies in case of Zerg).


  • Sylphid v1.71 → Neo Sylphid v1.8
    • Removed a mineral patch from each Natural Expansion. (8P → 7P)
    • Added a mineral patch to each Mineral Only. (6P → 7P)
    • Reduced amount of minerals on each Center Expansion. (1500M → 1000M)
    • Reduced amount of Gas on each Center Expansion. (2000G → 1500G)
    • Ramp width on each Center Expansion has been widened.
    • Several terrains have been changed and resource harvesting efficiency modified.
  • v1.8 → v2.0
    • Expanded unbuildable terrain around each Center Expansion.
    • Fixed vortex bug.
    • Terrain editing.
    • New ramps.
  • v2.9
    • Added a 720 mineral patch to all Natural Expansion and adjusted resources placement.
    • Adjusted resources placement at the 12 o'clock starting point.
    • Adjusted resources placement at the 5 o'clock natural expansion. (Freeing up space for Canon SimCity)
    • Fixed some terrain and decorations.
  • v3.0
    • In all Natural Expansion, the Zealot space in Protoss SimCity has been modified so that only one Zergling can be hit.


Protoss FE Wall-Ins[edit]

Recent Games[edit]

This automatically generated table shows the 10 most recent games with VODs and can be modified here.
DateTimeTournamentOpponentVs. OpponentVOD
2020-11-0121:00 UTCBombastic StarLeague 10OyA Protoss SwedenBonythPoland Unknown BonythWatch VOD (G1)
2020-11-0120:00 UTCBombastic StarLeague 10kogeT Terran PolandeOnzErGBelgium Unknown eOnzErGWatch VOD (G3)
2020-11-0119:00 UTCBombastic StarLeague 10Sziky Zerg HungarykogeTPoland Unknown kogeTWatch VOD (G2)
2020-11-0118:30 UTCBombastic StarLeague 10OyA Protoss SwedeneOnzErGBelgium Unknown eOnzErGWatch VOD (G2)
2020-11-0118:00 UTCBombastic StarLeague 10Dewalt Protoss RussiaBoAUnited States Unknown BoAWatch VOD (G3)
2020-10-2522:30 UTCBombastic StarLeague 10kogeT Terran PolandDandyPeru Unknown DandyWatch VOD (G2)
2020-10-2521:40 UTCBombastic StarLeague 10Sziky Zerg HungaryOyASweden Unknown OyAWatch VOD (G1)
2020-10-2520:30 UTCBombastic StarLeague 10OyA Protoss SwedenDandyPeru Unknown DandyWatch VOD (G1)
2020-10-2518:50 UTCBombastic StarLeague 10Sziky Zerg HungaryeOnzErGBelgium Unknown eOnzErGWatch VOD (G2)
2020-10-2517:45 UTCBombastic StarLeague 10OyA Protoss SwedenDewaltRussia Unknown DewaltWatch VOD (G2)


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