TDR Nation Wars 2: Format and Rules

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Format and Rules


  • Minimum 5 players in a team (10 max)
  • The event will have two divisions. Div-A will have 8-11 maximum teams
  • Bottom 3 of Div-A are demoted automatically, Top 2 of Div-B are promoted, in next season

Scoring Div-A[edit]

  • Round robin: 5 1v1, 1 2v2, all sets Bo1, TIE goes to Ace
    • All victories count as 1 point.
    • The order of the standings is: Points, Head to Head, Weeks and Games.
  • Playoff: 6 teams with 3 rounds, 1 and 2 seeds get byes.
    • Format: 5 1v1s, 1 2v2, all sets Bo1, TIE goes to Ace
    • The #1 and #2 are seeded into Round 2 automatically
      • Round 1 - #6 vs. #3 and #4 vs. #5
      • Round 2 - Two winners will fight seeds #1 and #2.
      • Round 3 - Finals

Scoring Div-B[edit]

  • Round robin: 5 1v1, 1 2v2, all sets Bo1, TIE goes to Ace
    • All victories count as 1 point.
    • The order of the standings is: Points, Head to Head, Weeks, Games.


  • Maps for upcoming weeks are known in advance.
  • All the maps in the pool, Ace Match is rotating. Players choose the map they will occupy.

Click here for a detailed explanation of the rules.


  • Team Registration deadline is the 8th of august
  • Regular season event length: teams in Div-A minus 1 weeks


Bad manners[edit]

  • BM is not allowed. The player will be notified once as a warning, and if they persist with their behavior they will be expelled from the event.
  • AT THE TIME OF REPORTING: The reporting player must attach a screenshot and indicate the fault. Participants who submit false reports will be penalized with a warning.
  • Participants who submit minor offense reports will also be penalized with a warning.
  • Only real BM should be reported.


  • The final decisions are made by the administrators.

In game[edit]

  • In the event of a disconnection, players may decide to replay the game or award victory to one. If they disagree, notify an administrator.
  • Don't Live Stream Your Games / Reveal Scores To Avoid Spoilers Before Cast! Any person who reveals results before or during the cast will be penalized.
  • Players can freely coordinate their game during the week .. (one week to play).
    • Last option is Saturdays at 13:00 (CHL) server west channel, DIV-A and DIV-B.
    • Closing of the week is on Saturdays at 15.00.
  • If the players coordinate and one does not appear, they must report to the administrators and attach the screenshot.
  • The coordinated time must be respected, 15 min to collect W.O. (Walkovers count as 1 point)
    • In case both players do not show up they must play Saturday as the last option.
  • In case of a tie the ACE is played as the only option on Saturdays.
  • The teams are entitled to one substitution per week. The substituting player must be the same race as the one they are replacing.
    • If the team does not have another player of the same race, substitutions will be allowed by players from other races.
  • Account-sharing is strictly prohibited. If found guilty, players will be officially banned from all events organized by TDR.

Duties of the participants[edit]


  • They have the responsibility of uploading a compressed file with all the replays Saturday 15.00 at the latest (CHL).
  • Upload the lineups every Wednesday with the format indicated in discord.
  • They must notify in advance of any change in the team, whether addition of a new player or elimination of one previously rostered.


  • Send your replay to your captain
  • Constantly check your discord.