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[e][h]Protoss TT1
Player Information
Payam Toghyan
March 18, 1988 (1988-03-18) (age 33)
Alternate IDs:
TT1, KabaL, fnatic.KabaL
Total Earnings:

Payam "TT1" Toghyan is an Canadian Protoss player from Montreal, Canada.

General Information[edit]

TT1 was caught map hacking in 2008 (for games played in 2007).

He later qualified for the group stage of TSL2 where he then proceeded to beat Avi-Love and Strelok to advance to the elimination bracket but ultimately fell to White-Ra 2-3 in a nail-biting series. Following the tournament he made the switch to SC2 like the majority of BW players.

Finished 3rd/4th in the Brood War Reunion Tournament (2014), a tournament which featured several oldschool players such as Mondragon, MaNa, HayprO, Eriador and many others.


2021-01-21BA2ndA6Show M.1v1Artosis Bad Map FFAArtosis Bad Map FFATT10 : 1United States  Jaeyun$20
2020-07-19CA3 - 4thA1Major1v1TDR NASL 3TDR NASL 3TT10 : 3Canada  cRoSs$140
2020-05-31BA2ndA6Show M.1v1TDR NA vs. SATDR NA vs. SATT11 : 1Peru  Dandy 
2020-05-16EC5 - 8thA1Major1v1Bombastic StarLeague 9Bombastic StarLeague 9TT10 : 3Poland  Bonyth$50
2020-02-16CA3rdA1Major1v1Bombastic StarLeague 8Bombastic StarLeague 8TT13 : 0Peru  Dandy$300
2019-12-14BA2ndA2Minor1v1North American Autumn StarleagueNorth American Autumn StarleagueTT12 : 4Canada  DragOn$124
2019-02-09QE17 - 22ndA1Major1v1Bombastic StarLeague 6Bombastic StarLeague 6TT11-2Grp S. 
2017-06-04AA1stA2Minor1v1KOTN VersusKOTN VersusTT14 : 2United States  Nyoken$70
2014-08-24CA3 - 4thA1Major1v1Brood War Reunion TournamentBrood War Reunion TournamentTT10 : 2Italy  ClouD$91
2010-02-28IG9 - TSLTT12 : 3Ukraine  White-Ra$250
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