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Protoss vs. Terran
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This guide lists Build Orders for the Terran vs. Protoss match up.

To learn more about Terran strategies in general, see also: Terran Strategy
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Although Terran players have the reputation to "turtle" (hide behind their own units) for the entire game, Terran vs. Protoss features a number of more aggressive openings. In most games Terran will use so-called "mech" units, or in other words, units trained in the Factory. The more modern and most thought through Build Orders focus on macro oriented play. All categories can be found in the following article.

Two Factory Openings[edit]

Despite each article explaining the ideas of a build order, this paragraph will list a short introduction to Two Factory play as well. Two Factory builds usually aim to punish a "greedy" Protoss. Greedy can mean that a Protoss tries to take one or more Expansions very fast, by sacrificing a larger army, or that a Protoss tries to rush for high tier units, such as Arbiters or Dark Templars. In any scenario, he will have only few units to defend. In turns, this means that Terran has a timing window to attack.

"Two Factory Openings"

Bionic Play[edit]

Bionic Play refers to strategies in which Terran does not use mainly Siege Tanks and Vultures to attack. Instead Marines and Medics are used to fight against Protoss. In almost all scenarios Bionic strategies are extremely risky. Marines, Medics and Firebats die very fast against Protoss' Psionic Storm or Reavers. If performed sloppily or countered hard, Bionic strategies automatically mean a Terran is beaten.

"Bionic Play"

Fast Expansions[edit]

Fast Expansions Build Orders are designed to enable Terran to raise a second Command Center at the own Natural Expansion in the first minutes of the game. Please note, that the following Build Orders only describe how this goal can be realised and most times leave out concrete follow ups.

"Fast Expansions"


Transitions utilize either Fast Expansion Builds and describe a longer term strategy for Terran against Protoss. However, most of the strategies can be used as well whenever a Two Factory play enters later stages. In this case, the Transitions need to be adapted. Adaptions are most times not described by the following Builds.

Late Game Strategies

Other Strategies[edit]

The following table lists Build Orders which do not fit into the previous categories. Most of them are considered highly risky and/or as All-In. In contrast to most modern macro oriented strategies, these enable Terran to act more actively during the early stages of a game. They are a powerful tool for more experienced players, especially whenever the opponent doesn't anticipate them. If performed well even soft counters do not neccesarily mean a defeat.

"Other Strategies"


The following table gives an overview of TvP related articles describing important techniques.


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