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Talk:Lost Temple - We appreciate the changes that you're trying to make to the wiki - please log in so that you can get credit for your changes. Also, if you log in, I can be sure that you are receiving the information discussed. I guess I'll paste the information below into both of talk talk pages of the wiki edit.

For the Advloader page, the additional information of "Unfortunately, author made his own plugins incompatible with Chaos/BW Launcher, but added Chaos Launcher plugins into his program." in the notes is not very useful in my opinion, and I'm fairly sure that the distinction can be made between chaoslauncher and advloader when you look at how the tools page is organized (found here: I also believe that most users will find the chaoslauncher and advloader pages through this tool page, as it's one of the only pages that links to the advloader page.

For the Lost Temple page, I deleted the Iccup version because it was never used in pro play, and therefore should not be in the map section. For this section, for the most part we're following tlpd, with the possible exception of blizzard default maps.

Feel free to discuss this on each individual talk page - Neither edit is explicitly bad, as I'm pretty sure that the map edit part isn't written down anywhere, and the advloader one is a decision to attempt to keep things more consistent, as well as expecting some sort of baseline intelligence from whoever is using the wiki. If there's a compelling argument against me for both, I'm perfectly willing to add in the two edits.

GHOSTCLAW 23:30, 14 June 2009 (UTC)