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I would make Sair/Reaver and Bisu Build standalone articles if only to make clear that forge FE =/= bisu build

i agree with that, although i think mentioning them in the article is necessary to discuss viable transitions. Obviously this means including the 5gate speedlot pressure

I suggest deleting this article, since it is mainly covered in the PvZ guide. But we need additional pages for Reaver/Sair, 4 Gate 2 Archon and Bisu Build. --Aesop 21:40, 5 March 2009 (KST)

Yeah I dont know why sair/reaver is in here. I'm probably going to delete it sometime as it seems quite extraneous. --Fontong

I agree with Aesop that this article should be deleted. This is all covered in the Protoss vs. Zerg Guide in much greater detail.. --Stettcl 15:20, 22 June 2009 (UTC)

I removed "counter to savior three hatch management style" as it blatantly is not. Sair dt counters savior's expansion heavy, momentum based style of play in the past. That however, is a totally different thing than FE- which im sure we all remember how Savior gobbled up all protoss, feing or not, until the rise of Bisu. So its basically misinformation unless its given the proper clarification. -Dazed Spy