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Will someone with privileges to upload binary files please upload RepFix to TeamLiquid's website --Xboi209 (talk) 15:48, 25 April 2016 (KST)

Error Message[edit]

This application has encountered a critical error:

Not enough storage is available to process this command.

Program: C:\StarCraft\StarCraft.exe File: Starcraft\Storm\Source\SNet.cpp Line: 922

Stack Trace[edit]

Address Frame Logical addr Module

1501FD7F 0019FBD0 0001:0001ED7F C:\StarCraft\storm.dll

15020B40 0019FC14 0001:0001FB40 C:\StarCraft\storm.dll

15020D4E 0019FC34 0001:0001FD4E C:\StarCraft\storm.dll

15020F6B 0019FC50 0001:0001FF6B C:\StarCraft\storm.dll

15039F22 0019FC90 0001:00038F22 C:\StarCraft\storm.dll

1503A76F 0019FCB8 0001:0003976F C:\StarCraft\storm.dll

00485B2A 0019FDD0 0001:00084B2A C:\StarCraft\StarCraft.exe

004870AC 0019FDE4 0001:000860AC C:\StarCraft\StarCraft.exe

004D96D1 0019FE08 0001:000D86D1 C:\StarCraft\StarCraft.exe

004D9908 0019FE1C 0001:000D8908 C:\StarCraft\StarCraft.exe

004D9A6F 0019FE2C 0001:000D8A6F C:\StarCraft\StarCraft.exe

004E07FA 0019FE4C 0001:000DF7FA C:\StarCraft\StarCraft.exe

004E0B20 0019FE58 0001:000DFB20 C:\StarCraft\StarCraft.exe

00404DA5 0019FF80 0001:00003DA5 C:\StarCraft\StarCraft.exe