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It all started with the clan Team Liquid. The clan was founded by Liquid`Nazgul around the end of 2000. After leaving [i'm] he spent about 3 months thinking about what to do next before making the decision to start his own clan which held 4 members for the first months and slowly grew to 8 players a year later.

The members of the Liquid clan are handpicked by Liquid`Nazgul based on both personality and talent. It is considered to be just as important to be good mannered as it is to be talented. Since the focus of the clan is not upon playing Clanwars the members are allowed to join another clan next to Liquid.

The website was later founded on May 1st 2001 by Liquid`Nazgul and Liquid`Meat with the name and some pages of this first website have luckily been preserved and can still be seen. On September 22nd 2002 the website then moved to the now known address with this post as the grand opening and a day later the very first poll in which there even was the danger the site would have gotten the name of

The picture on top of Team Liquid is from a painting done by Jim Warren called Avalanche. Contrary to popular belief it is not from Lord of The Rings, however the scene from LotR where the Nazgul are overtaken by the river did influence the choice to use this banner. The original design was done by Smorrie. In January 2008 Team Liquid was contacted by with the message that they love the banner and if we could properly credit them for it. Since then their link has been on the bottom at any part of the site.

Newer Recruits after 2006[edit]

Remaining fairly constant in member-count for a long time, there have been some additions:

Members - Team Liquid[edit]

Clan name Real name Country Joined (old to new) Other AKA
Liquid`Nazgul (founder) Victor Goossens Netherlands Beginning ~SoS~Nazgul, [i'm]nazgul
Liquid`Meat Joy Hoogeveen Netherlands Beginning [i'm]gijoy
Liquid`Spy Pieter Netherlands Beginning ~SoS~Spy
Liquid`Drone Eivind Leknes Norway 1 week later Eriador, RANDOMINATOR, eri-the-feared
Liquid`Frost Canada
Liquid`Ninja Canada
Liquid`Oaral Chris Klaver Netherlands
Liquid`Crystal Canada Astic-X
Liquid`Daaman Tomas Bengtsson Sweden Dec. 6th 2002 TomasDaaman, {iM}Daaman
Liquid`Venice USA Mar. 16th 2003 travis, Kiddie-
Liquid`Raszi Lex Veldhuis Netherlands Jun. 18th 2004
Liquid`Satanik Nikolaos Konstantakis Greece Feb. 11th 2005
Liquid`Hero Tom Whittier USA Mar. 25th 2005 Froz
Liquid`Zephyr Steve Costello USA Oct. 16th 2006 FroST(TE), Pooruser
Liquid`Nony Tyler Wasieleski USA Oct. 23rd 2008 Tyler
Liquid`Jinro Jonathan Walsh Sweden March. 29th 2010 FrozenArbiter
Liquid`TheLittleOne Dario Wünsch Germany March. 29th 2010 TLO, Radio, IPS.Radio
Liquid`Haypro Hayder Hussein Sweden July. 2nd 2010 Hayder
Former members
Liquid`Trip (co-founder) Netherlands Beginning PliX
Liquid`Corbalt Andrew Hough sephiroth9000
Liquid`Crow RJ Briggs USA IntoTheCrow,Zkurcrow
Liquid`Agent CheMy


This team has no recorded achievements.
2021-07-09BA2ndA6Show M.theleo_ua Showmatch 8theleo_ua Showmatch 8Eriador Norway3 : 6Norway Madinho$30
2020-06-13AA1stA2MinorHappy RvR Tournament 2Happy RvR Tournament 2Eriador Norway3 : 0Russia casper$80
2020-01-25BA2ndA2MinorHazelys Nut Cup 1Hazelys Nut Cup 1Eriador Norway1 : 2Peru Dandy$20
2019-09-15QE17 - 22ndA1MajorBombastic StarLeague 7Bombastic StarLeague 7Eriador Norway1-2Grp S. 
2018-11-11EA5 - 6thA1MajorBrood War 20th Anniversary LANBrood War 20th Anniversary LANEriador Norway0 : 1Norway lancerx$240
2018-02-10CA3rdA5QualifierBSL4 Ladder Tournament #2BSL4 Ladder Tournament #2Eriador Norway1 : 2Russia Dewalt$5
2017-11-10BA2ndA4WeeklyClan SK Weekly #17Clan SK Weekly #17Liquid`Drone Norway0 : 3Russia Dewalt$20
2017-11-05BA2ndA4WeeklyClash for Char #9Clash for Char #9Eriador Norway0 : 3Russia Dewalt$33
2017-09-23DA4thA4WeeklyClash for Char #5Clash for Char #5Eriador Norway0 : 2Poland trutaCz$14
2017-08-15AA1stA2MinorStarCraft Remastered Launch EventStarCraft Remastered Launch Eventret Netherlands3 : 1United States Nyoken 
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