Team Liquid Invitational 2

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[e][h]Team Liquid Invitational 2
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Canada  X'Ds~Kiwi
Netherlands  Nazgul
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After the success of the 1st Invitational in November 2002 it was time for another one. Team Liquid Invitational 2 was held from March 11th - April 18th 2003 and was scaled up from a 16 to a 24 man tournament with some of the best non-Korean/Chinese players at the time.

Tournament Information[edit]


Four groups of six players of whom the top two advanced. The group stage was played in a round robin style where everybody had to play each other once.

The remaining eight players were divided into two groups with two #1 and two #2 placers in each group, but other than that the group selection was at random. They played round robin format once again but this time each match-up was a best-of-3 with a random/pre-selected first map and then the loser choosing from the remaining maps so no map could be played twice.

The top finisher from each group advanced to the finals in a best-of-7 format with the loser choosing the next map.


The Group stage was played on the maps below with all games from the first round on Neo Vertigo, from the second round on Lost Temple etc.

The same maps were used in the winners groups and the final. See the format for details on the way they were played.



First Group Stage[edit]

Group A
1. Canada  Kiwi ► Advances 5-0
2. Bulgaria  Christian ► Advances 4-1
3. Canada  Smuft --Eliminated 3-2
4. Canada  Crystal --Eliminated 2-3
5. United States  Wizard --Eliminated 1-4
6. Canada  Ninja --Eliminated 0-5
Group B Name Result Comment
1 Elky 4 - 1 won against igor, veg, rekrul, cope, lost to whear
2 Rekrul 3 - 2 won against igor, veg,whear, lost to cope, elky
3 Veg[pG] 2 - 3 won against whear, igor, lost to elky, rekrul, cope
4 Igor[pG] (Hellghost) 2 - 3 won against cope, whear, lost to elky, rekrul, veg
5 Whear 2 - 3 won against cope, elky, lost to veg, igor, rekrul
6 Cope[pG] 2 - 3 won against rekrul, veg, lost to whear, igor, elky
Group C Name Result Comment
1 [pG]Liquid`Nazgul 4 - 1 ??? (game 5 won against drone)
2 Liquid`Drone 3 - 2 ??? (game 5 lost from nazgul), won the tie-breaker against fisheye
3 Fisheye[pG] 3 - 2 ??? (game 5 won against suker), lost the tie-breaker against drone
5 Infinity[pG] 2 - 3 ???
6 Tomson[TaO] 2 - 3 ???
4 Suker[pG] 1 - 4 ??? (game 5: lost to fisheye)
Group D Name Result Comment
1 Ovvi 3 - 0 (replaced Blackman[pG] who couldn't make it) won against willet, microzerg, kiddie
2 Willet 2 - 1 (replaced [pG]Liquid`Daaman after a no show) won against kiddie, microzerg, lost to ovvi
3 Kiddie- 1 - 2 won against microzerg, lost to ovvi, willet
4 eSu.MicroZerg (Dreame) 0 - 3 lost to kiddie, ovvi, willet
5 (no show of Satanik[pG])
6 (no show of Honest)Is()

Second Group Stage[edit]

Group A[edit]

Nazgul - The Dashing Dutchman / Protoss / Took home 1st place in the first Tournament, made top 8 at WCG twice, and made it into the OGN Challenge League.

Beast - The Brazen Bulgarian / Terran / Showed his might by going 4-1 in the first round and also made it to WCG 2002 in which he beat Elky.

Rekrul - The Adamant American / Protoss / Failed at WCG USA (4th place), placed 1st in the USA's Nation Team qualifiers (14-1), and was America's last hope in this tournament.

Ovvi - The Finnish Phantasm / Zerg / Relatively unknown until recently when he dominated and won the last WGT Season and walked all over his group 3-0 in the first round of this tournament.

Group A Name Result Comment
1 [pG]Liquid`Nazgul 3 - 0 won against beast (2-0), Ovvi (2-0), rekrul (2-0)
2 Rekrul 2 - 1 won against ovvi (2-1), beast (2-0), lost to nazgul (0-2)
3 Ovvi 0 - 2 lost to rekrul (1-2), nazgul (0-2)
4 uT)Beast[BG] 0 - 2 lost to Nazgul (0-2), Rekrul (0-2)

Group B[edit]

ElkY - The Facile Frenchman / Terran / Probably the most accomplished white SC player ever besides Giyom. Most likely the 3rd best Terran in the world at the time.

Kiwi - The Cogent Canadian / Zerg / Placed 2nd at the first Trybal tournament and was at the time the best Zerg player in North America. He bulldozed through the first round of this tournament with an impressive 5-0 (the only person to do that in the entire tournament).

Drone - The Narcotic Norwegian / Random / While some only think of him as an observant connoisseur of the game these days, he showed that he still has latent skill and could be one of the best again if he tried. The God of island maps. Has a queen fetish.

Willet - The Swedish Sage / Protoss / While relatively new to the BW scene, he played like a seasoned veteran. He showed in WGT (2nd place) and various other events that he was one of the top players in Sweden.

Group B Name Result Comment
1 X'Ds~Kiwi 3 - 0 won against willet (2-1), elky (2-1), drone (2-0)
2 Willet 2 - 1 won against drone (2-0), elky (2-1), lost to kiwi (1-2)
3 Liquid`Drone 1 - 2 won against elky (2-0), lost to willet (0-2), kiwi (0-2)
4 Elky 0 - 3 lost to drone (0-2), kiwi (1-2), willet (1-2)

Grand Final[edit]

X'Ds~Kiwi and [pG]Liquid`Nazgulwent on to face off in a best-of-7 game series for the title. They both were pretty familiar with each other's styles at that time because they faced off against each other within a few month span in the TL Invitational 1, the pG vs. Canada match, and the pG tourney. Nazgul won all of those matches except the Invitational 1 winners bracket but he later went on to knock Kiwi out in the losers bracket. Nazgul was the defending champion so all eyes were on Kiwi to see if he could think of something and dethrone Nazgul.

  1. Lost Temple: Kiwi
  2. Avant Garde 2: Kiwi
  3. Neo Forbidden Zone: Nazgul
  4. Neo Vertigo: Nazgul
  5. Avant Garde 2: Kiwi
  6. Neo Vertigo: Nazgul
  7. Neo Forbidden Zone: Kiwi

X'Ds~Kiwi 4 - 3 [pG]Liquid`Nazgul