Tech Switch

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A Tech Switch is a term that refers to a player changing the type of unit or units that they plan on using as their primary/secondary units. Examples:

  • Protoss players switching from Dragoon/Zealot to Carriers in the PvT match-up.
  • Protoss pressuring Zerg with 2 Gate Zealot and switching to Corsairs while the Zerg has to keep up with the ground army.
  • Zerg players are known to switch Tech rapidly, since they do not have to build new production facilities.
  • Terran players, against the Zerg, can switch between SK Terran and Tank-heavy build. Sometimes even switching from bio build to mech or vice versa.

Production and Tech buildings are expensive, therefore having too many different types of units and buildings can put you at a disadvantage, as the money could have been spent on fighting units instead.