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[e][h]Zerg TechnicS
Player Information
Dimiter Sivkoff
July 14, 1987 (1987-07-14) (age 33)
Alternate IDs:
LRM)TechnicS, TechnicS[BG], dronka87
Total Earnings:
LinYu, LRM, BG

Dimiter "TechnicS" Sivkoff is a Bulgarian Zerg player and member of the teams Bulgarian Elite Gamers and LRM Evolutions.


TechnicS is one of the most experienced players in the foreign scene. His first big achievement was to qualify for the WCG 2006 in Monza. In the years after TechnicS was among the strongest foreign players.

After the StarCraft II Beta Sivkoff joined the team LRM Evolutions. He participated in various leagues, but wasn't able to break into the positions and was overtowered by players like Sziky, Scan, Michael or Heme.

Only in 2012 he started to place high in notable events, starting with a second place in the Xsplit Random Invitational, where he lost in a close final to Napoleon, and a sixth place in the Altitude's International StarLeague a few months after. His run continued later in the same year, when he won Defiler Tour 44 and Defiler Tour 46. The Zerg was now one of the most dominant players of the winter. In January 2013 he finished second in the first Teamliquid Legacy Starleague qualifier.

Sivkoff plays both for LRM Evolutions in Gambit Cup and the Bulgarian Elite Gamers for ICCup Clan League. He won ICCup Clan League Season 16 and 18 with LRM Evolutions.

TechnicS is one of the most complete players, since he is competent both with offensive and macro oriented builds. In addition to his strong Zerg the Bulgarian is known to play on a high level with all three races.


eOnzErG and TechnicS often played against each other during multiple events in late 2012. The duels were often spiced up by trash talk. Especially in November and December 2012 both seemed to compete for the title 'second best Zerg' (after Sziky). In the overall statistics TechnicS leads by two games.


Matchup Statistics[edit]

Matchup Games Wins Losses Winrate
vs P 58 40 18 69 %
vs T 67 36 31 53.7 %
vs Z 108 65 43 60.2 %
All 261 161 100 61.7 %


2013-11-23CA3rdA2MinorTeamLiquid Legacy Starleague 3TeamLiquid Legacy Starleague 3TechnicS3 : 0 DragOn$50
2013-07-21BA2ndA2MinorTeamLiquid Legacy Starleague 2TeamLiquid Legacy Starleague 2TechnicS2 : 4 Sziky$150
2013-01-29AA1stA2MinorBWMN OpenBWMN OpenTechnicS3 : 2 TrutaCz$100
2012-12-09BA2ndA4WeeklyDefiler Tour 47Defiler Tour 47TechnicS1 : 3 Tama$20
2012-11-25AA1stA4WeeklyDefiler Tour 46Defiler Tour 46TechnicS3 : 2 eOnzErG$40
2012-11-11AA1stA4WeeklyDefiler Tour 44Defiler Tour 44TechnicS3 : 1 Alfio$40
2012-09-08BA2ndA2MinorRibbon's No Spire ZvZ TourRibbon's No Spire ZvZ TourTechnicS1 : 4 TrutaCz$30
2012-08-05BA2ndA4WeeklyDefiler Tour 41Defiler Tour 41TechnicS1 : 3 Dewalt$20
2012-06-09FA6thA1MajorAltitude's International StarLeagueAltitude's International StarLeagueTechnicS0 : 4 Sziky$150
2012-02-05BA2ndA2MinorXsplit Random InvitationalXsplit Random InvitationalTechnicS2 : 3 Napoleon$25
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  1. the actual score was 2-2, TechnicS had a one win advantage, since eOnzErG came from the LB
  2. Cast of the finals, last set