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[e][h]Protoss Best Bot
Bot Information
John Doe, Jane Doe
Stanford University
Bot Version:
BWAPI Version:
AI Techniques:
Neural Networks, Hierarchical Task Networks
Cannon Rush

This template produces an Infobox on a bot's page.


These are the variables in the Bot template:

  • id = Main ID
  • image = (optional) Picture
  • name = (optional) Real Name (If needed, use romanized_name for romanization)
  • romanized_name = (optional) Romanized Real Name
  • programmer = (optional) name of the programmer
  • affiliation = (optional) affiliation of the programmer
  • botversion = (optional) version of the bot
  • bwapiversion = (optional) bwapi version of the bot
  • language = (optional) programming language the AI is written in
  • wrapper = (optional) wrapper used
  • terrain_analysis = (optional) terrain analysis module used
  • aitechniques = (optional) AI techniques applied in the bot
  • framework = (optional) the AI or framework the AI is based on
  • strategies = (optional) strategies of the bot
  • country = (optional) Country
  • country2 = (optional) Secound country (If needed)
  • race = (optional) Current Race. P, T, Z, R or All will suffice. Any two-race combination work too. Example: tz, pz, pt, etc.
  • site = (optional) Bot's Homepage
  • tlstream = (optional) Stream Name on TeamLiquid.net
  • twitch = (optional) Username on Twitch
  • own3d = (optional) Username on own3D.tv
  • stream = (optional) Link to stream (if not on Twitch or Own3D.tv)
  • youtube = (optional) YouTube Channel Name
  • twitter = (optional) Username on Twitter
  • facebook =(optional) Username on Facebook
  • reddit = (optional) Username on Reddit.com
  • iccup = (optional)Username on ICCup
  • fanclub = (optional) TeamLiquid.net Fanclub
  • achievements = List of premier tournament wins or other achievements. Use {{LeagueIconSmall}} and link to the specific event.
  • featured = (optional) Players featured for Semantic Mediawiki property to appear on Players Portal page (please adhere to guidelines from Players Portal page concerning WCG/Starleagues/etc. before adding. Note "featured" does to output back into the Player page, but solely to gather this parameter.
  • history = Team History. Use {{TH}}.


The following code was used to create the infobox on this page.

{{Infobox bot
|id=Best Bot
|programmer=John Doe, Jane Doe
|affiliation=Stanford University
|aitechniques=Neural Networks, Hierarchical Task Networks
|strategies=Cannon Rush

Copy / Paste

{{Infobox bot
|romanized name=