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Team Information
Someone Else
Team Captain:
Another One
Player Breakdown
Number of Players:
Recent Player Trades:
Someone to TeamLiquid Jan 2011
This is not a real team

This Infobox is designed to give basic information about Starcraft 2 teams.


Parameter Explanation
name The name of the team
image Team logo image name. Do not include Image: as a prefix.
location The location of the team. You can use either name of a country, continent or server region.
location2 A secondary location of the team if applicable (e.g., Fnatic)
coaches Names of the teams coach(es) (multiple coaches can be separated by <br/> to split additional names to separate lines)
manager Name of the Manager(s)
captain Name of the team captain
website URL to team website
sponsor Name(s) perhaps as links to sponsor pages
twitter Twitter handle for team. Only need handle, not full site. E.G. twitter=teamliquidnet will link to teamliquidnet
twitter2 Second twitter handle for team.
tlpd Link to the tlpd page(s)
protoss_number The amount of Protoss players on the team
terran_number The amount of Terran players on the team
zerg_number The amount of Zerg players on the team
random_number The amount of Random players on the team
created The Date when the team was created (YYYY-MM-DD)
disbanded The Date when the team was disbanded
historyX If there is more to the team history that is notable enough to be in the infobox there's five customizable variables between Created and Disbanded
historyXtitle Set this title for the same number as historyX to indicate what the specific title should be. Such as reformed, merged, first disbanded, hiatus.
Note: This is not to be used when a team gets a new sponsor.
trades Traded players, from/to
footnotes A footnote to be placed at the bottom of the box.
no-cat If you set this to true, the team page will not be added to categories.

Blank template with parameters

You can copy the code snippet below and fill in the parameters to customize this Infobox. If any parameter doesn't apply, leave it blank and that line will not appear in the Infobox.

{{Infobox team


The code below created the Infobox on this page.

{{Infobox team
|manager=Someone Else
|captain=Another One
|trades=Someone to TeamLiquid Jan 2011
|footnotes=This is not a real team