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[e][h]Terran TerrOr
Player Information
Rodrigo Omar Campos Acosta
September 25, 1992 (1992-09-25) (age 28)
Alternate IDs:
rOrreT, TG-Sea, yoyomybro, nS.Perucho, VPNUSER, Hector.becerril
Total Earnings:
Arena, Nb, SJ, LaGFree

TerrOr is a Peruvian Terran player.


TerrOr's first appearance in a major Brood War event was the WCG Peru 2009 under the nick Chobo. He advanced from the group stage, tied on the first spot, but lost to the overall winner Fenix in the first round of the final tournament and was eventually knocked out by Bishop in the second round of the lower bracket. The Terran also appeared in the roster of the Peruvian B National team[1], until it disbanded after the StarCraft II Beta.

Post Beta the Peruvian was among the best foreign players and actively participated in several clan leagues for the Team Noobs (renamed to Samjoc Gaming in 2012), but didn't enter major tournaments until summer 2011. His form spiked in December 2011/January 2012, when he was able to win four medals out of four Defiler Tournaments he signed up for. He was considered to be one of the strongest international Terran players, but was overtowered by both Heme and Scan in 2011 and skzlime in 2012.

In January 2013 the Peruvian qualified for the Teamliquid Legacy Starleague via ranking points, because he was repeatedly defeated in the late stages of its qualifiers. He menaged to finish 4th in TeamLiquid Legacy Starleague 2 which was his highest result in major tournament so far.

In october 2013 TerrOr made a Peruvian team LaGFree and joined SBWI Teamleague.


  • in 2012 TerrOr achieved A+ rank on iCCup.[2]

Matchup Statistics[edit]

Matchup Games Wins Losses Winrate
vs P 458 238 220 52 %
vs T 351 179 172 51 %
vs Z 590 335 255 56.8 %
All 1467 802 665 54.7 %


2020-06-07DA4thA1MajorBombastic StarLeague 9Bombastic StarLeague 9TerrOr1 : 3 g0rynich$150
2019-12-08AA1stA4WeeklyBW Jeez weekly 49BW Jeez weekly 49TerrOr1 : 0 g0rynich$157
2019-10-13BA2ndA0PremierRCG 2019: Corrupted CupRCG 2019: Corrupted CupTerrOr0 : 3 Bonyth$2,629
2019-04-20BA2ndA2MinorLets Go 2!Lets Go 2!TerrOr2 : 3 Dandy$66
2019-03-31AA1stA4WeeklyBW Jeez weekly 13BW Jeez weekly 13TerrOr1 : 0 Shine$150
2018-09-09CA3 - 4thA1MajorStarLadder Pro SeriesStarLadder Pro SeriesTerrOr1 : 3 Dandy$150
2018-02-18AA1stA4WeeklyClashforchar16Clashforchar16TerrOr3 : 0 ZZZero$65
2018-01-21BA2ndA2MinorBombastic StarLeague 3Bombastic StarLeague 3TerrOr2 : 4 Dewalt$100
2017-12-17CA3rdA1MajorRus Brain Cup S1Rus Brain Cup S1TerrOr0 : 2 Scan$220
2017-10-15AA1stA5QualifierZOTAC CUP Masters SCRM/Qualifiers/SA QualifiersZOTAC CUP Masters SCRM/Qualifiers/SA QualifiersTerrOr3 : 2 Dandy$1,000
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