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Terran BGH Build

From Liquipedia StarCraft Brood War Wiki
[e][h]TerranBGH Build
Strategy Information
Terran vs ?, multiplayer
Popularized by:


To defend against and counter any all-in build variation from Zerg, including 5pool and up to 9pool. 4pool will not be delayed/prevented with this build effectively unless it is a 3v3 or the Zerg has to cross the entire map (cross-positions).

Terran Build Orders[edit]

Terran Double Rax MnM[edit]

Matchups: Terran vs Zerg (1:1), Multiplayer.

Theory: This is a simple and common build done in most Terran vs Zerg games and is also suitable for multi-players. The build can be done with or without a wall, however, later in the game the wall-in should be lifted or destroyed so as to allow easier access of army. You may also make a makeshift wall with the pair of Barracks, which will normally allow marines and SCVs to pass through (the two most essential units early-game). This build is not suggested for 1:1s vs a Protoss user other than to surprise him/her, since Protoss tech makes MnM (Marines n' Medics) difficult.

Build order:

  • 9/10 - Depot (Scout when done)
  • 11/18 - Barracks
  • 13/18 - Barracks
  • 15/18 - Depot
  • 16/18 - Refinery
  • 17/18 - Depot
  • 20/25 - Academy
  • Engineering bay with researched +1 Attack (when you have at least 10 marines and minerals to spare) - the +1 upgrade is optional, if the game is intense skip the upgrade, if it is "quieter," upgrade. Engie bay + turrets are a must later on though mid-game.

Pump marines out of both barracks as soon as they finish or as supply allows. With your first bit of gas obtain a pair of medics and firebats, get a scanner for detection and scouting, then upgrade Stim packs. From here on you may start teching straight to Science vessels or for tanks. If you choose tanks, make sure you have MnM or vultures to reinforce your push.

Terran Tri-Rax MnM Rush[edit]

Matchups: TvZ, TvP (Deep Six), Multi

Theory: This build order is a specific extension of the Double Rax build. Here medics are delayed in favor of a third rax. Detection for cloaked rushes is supplied by an e-Bay built so that a fast +1 Attack can be upgraded. This is an aggressive opening that allows the Terran to attack, while the Double Rax is more of a flexible build order where one can tech or expand quicker, and contain while they do so.


  • 9/10 - Depot (Scout when done)
  • 11/18 - Barracks
  • 13/18 - Barracks
  • 15/18 - Barracks
  • 16/18 - Depot
  • 18/18 - Refinery
  • 22 - Depot
  • 24 - Academy (research Stim Packs when finished and add a comsat)
  • 26 - Engineering Bay w/ +1 Attack
  • +1 Attack

From here even though your medics were delayed a bit, your +1 attack is well on its way, you may attack even before medics arrive since you have extra marines. In TvZ the normal transition is a quick tech to vessel, if Zerg holds the rush, fall back to vessels and expansion (bunker positioning is crucial in case of lurkers or ling runbys), with tanks getting into the game after the first vessel pops out, unless you did significant damage and perhaps want to try and finish him off right there.

In multiplayer, normally static detection is made (through vessels and turrets) and tanks are slowly mixed in, but vessels are another viable offensive option (use Eraser techniques on their drones) (assumed that you are attacking with teammates that can cover the weakneses of Mnm). For TvP, Deep 6 has its risks, and several other Barracks must be added while you expand. Remember, Reavers and Psi Storm can decimate terran infantry so beware of them and snipe them as needed.

Terran 2 Fact Mech Build[edit]

Matchups: TvP, TvT, Hybrid, Air, Multi

Theory: This is a general, flexible metal build that opens with two factories. You can make vultures or tanks to start, leaves room for marines and can be done in Tvp, Tvt, Air, Hybrid, and in Multiplayer games as well (no marines for air or hybrid maps of course). It is so flexible that economy can be sacrificed to have the second factory start sooner. You can go with one, two or no machine shops, and can easily add an armory for goliaths in TvT. This is the foundation build for terran mech, most other specialized builds started from this point and were then tweaked to maximize their effectiveness.


  • 9/10 - Depot
  • 11/18 - Barracks (Scout with SCV)
  • 12/18 - Refinery
  • 15/18 - Depot
  • 16/18 - Marine
  • 18/26 - Factory
  • 20/26 - Factory

You can hold SCV production until you have another 100 gas for the 2nd fact (and be sure you have 200 mins for it)

There are many little variations to this build. The marine can be built before, during, or after the first factory. You can temporarilly halt SCV production so you can fit in the 2nd factory just a bit sooner. After the first factory is completed, you will have money to continue teching to starport (common in Tvt, mandatory for air and hybrid maps), armory (also common in Tvt), or you can just attach a shop or two and go tanks and vultures. To micro the marine in Tvp against a goon rush, address the goon, then move back and watch the glorious goon dance that will result, buying precious seconds for your tank. In close locations, make sure you make more than one marine just to be safe. More specific builds for fast goliaths and 2 fact starport can be found elsewhere in this archive.

Countered By[edit]

Hard Counters[edit]

Soft Counters[edit]

2-3gate zealot pump.

Counter To[edit]

Hard Counters[edit]

Soft Counters[edit]

2gate delayed tech, quick lair tech, 2fact w/ vults. If scan is applied), citadel tech (DT Rushes).

Notable Maps[edit]

BGH (Big Game Hunters, a mix of low eco + fastest)


Stacked minerals, so don't worry about gaining new expos. Defend yourself and your allies, maintain home base advantage, and win.

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