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Terran Counter To Lurker Contain

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[e][h]TerranTerran Counter to Lurker contain
You can't move out if you are contained!
Counter Information
Starcraft: Broodwar

This article pertains to possible Terran counters to a Midgame Lurker contain


The Zerg Lurker contain is designed to prevent Terran from moving out midgame in order to facilitate Zerg taking their Third Gas Expansion. The effectiveness of this build lies in the fact that while Terran has detection in the form of the comsat station the Zerg army is mobile and large enough to prevent Terran from asserting map control. This article aims to remove the ambiguity from the Lurker Contain and provide a solid counter and transition for Terran into late game play.


Zerg is able to move out with the lurker contain after they reach Tier 2 Tech and is able to maintain map control up until the point that Terran reaches Science Vessel tech. During this period Zerg maintains the dominant position and short of superior micro the Terran army is unable to engage Zerg.

Countering Mid-Game Lurker Contain[edit]

During this period that Terran's mobility is restricted they have a few options. First, Terran does not have to fear a push into his natural as long as he has detection provided by Missile Turrets. Out on the map however Terran will be hard pressed to engage Zerg directly. A Terran's best bet would be to keep their forces moving around the map keeping an eye out for some kind of unorthodox play and possibly catching the Zerg forces off guard. A few things to remember:

  • Do not engage the Lurker/Zergling forces directly, as you will get wiped.
  • Make sure that you are attempting to move your forces around the map. Remaining stuck in your base will make for a difficult transition to late game.
  • Don't waste scans. It is important to keep an eye on the Zerg's main base and with your mobility decreased you will need the scans for it.

When moving out, or attacking any static Lurker arrangement, a very simple, yet important factor is that unsieged tanks outrange the lurkers. As a result, with detection, it is very easy to attack burrowed Lurkers with a greatly decreased risk of losing units opposed to using Marines and Medics to attack them. Also, as soon as Science Vessels start to come out, before the time that Zerg has defilers, the Terran is able to Irradiate Lurkers constantly to keep the Lurker count low. Note that as soon as the Zerg starts to produce Defilers, or Ultralisks, they will tend to be a higher priority for Irradiate.


Once a Terran reaches Science Vessel Tech they can begin transitioning into late game, either by taking a fast Third Gas Expansion or by attempting a Timing Push. Either way a Terran player would be wise to put pressure on and end the game before Zerg gets too far along with Hive Tech.